A Refreshing Trend for Bottled Water: Reuse + The Water Infrastructure Investment Act

A Refreshing Trend for Bottled Water: Reuse + The Water Infrastructure Investment Act

The movement towards healthier and more sustainable beverage choices is steadily growing. With a rise in people drinking more water and opting for reusable bottles, the transition away from wasteful single-use bottled water is happening. But how? The U.S. Government is dedicating resources to repair our nation's water systems. By doing so, we can work towards ensuring clean and safe drinking water for all, emphasizing that water is indeed a human right.

As a country, we have an incredible opportunity to invest in our shared future with the Water Infrastructure Improvements of the 2021 Infrastructure Act, which supports investments of $50 billion through the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) highly successful water infrastructure program. By dedicating funds to repairing and maintaining reservoirs, treatment plants, and pipes, we can ensure that everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water.

Recognizing water as a fundamental human right allows us to unite and support sustainable solutions for our water infrastructure. This approach benefits our environment and encourages a sense of unity and shared responsibility. By investing in our water infrastructure, we create a healthier and more environmentally friendly future for ourselves and future generations. Imagine a world where everyone can access clean water from safe, well-maintained sources, and single-use bottled water becomes a thing of the past. This vision is attainable and essential for the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Together, we can make a lasting, positive impact on our water systems and the environment.

By choosing refillable water bottles as the norm, we can reduce the wasteful consumption of single-use bottled water. It's important to note that 64% of bottled water may come from the same sources we are trying to avoid, as seen in the case of Hudson in Ward Hill, Massachusetts. In this example, the town's tap water supply and the local bottled water company were affected by PFAS chemical contamination.

As we step into a new decade marked by fresh leadership and innovative perspectives, we find ourselves surrounded by a generation eager to drive meaningful change for our planet. The past's outdated practices are gradually being replaced by more responsible and considerate approaches as we collectively usher in a greener, more sustainable era.

The bottled water industry has an opportunity for us to reconsider our habits and shift towards reusable bottles and refilling as the standard practice. By following the lead of environmentally conscious individuals, we can harness their passion and enthusiasm to inspire a powerful movement.

Reusables market

Reusables market | PATH best bottled water

Nearly 1 in 5 consumers have purchased a reusable water bottle. Over ¼ of those people were 16 - 24 years old. This could be because Millennials and Generation Z are among the most educated generations. With non-stop streaming visuals of plastic destruction, new reports of toxicity from exposure to PET #1 plastic, and the price point for committing to the logic that one must constantly purchase supposedly "healthier" single-use bottled water, it's no surprise that young people with more access to information and less disposable income than prior generations are opting for more sustainable and cost-effective choices.

What if everyone had a refillable bottle? 

Despite the current surge in bottled water sales, there is a growing awareness and desire among consumers to make more logical and sustainable choices when it comes to water drinking habits. The increasing popularity of reusable water bottles reflects people's commitment to reducing plastic waste and making cost-effective decisions.

With the largest adult population now taking responsibility and seeking action-oriented solutions to the plastic crisis, it's time for both consumers and the bottled water industry to align their efforts. By actively promoting responsible water consumption habits, we can work together to address the environmental impact of plastic waste while fostering smart financial choices.

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Is it time for Bottled Water Companies to do more for people who live in areas with contaminated drinking water? 

The bottled water industry benefits from water crises, with some companies openly acknowledging their reliance on "deteriorating municipal water." However, it's important to note that 64% of bottled water is actually filtered tap water. This highlights the need for companies to be more proactive in supporting and improving water infrastructure, which is essential not only for their own products but also for the communities they serve.

Considering the primary component of bottled water is the bottle itself, it's essential to shift towards long-term reusability and sustainability. By focusing on reusable bottles and supporting initiatives to improve water infrastructure, bottled water companies can contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Addressing the financial logic of single-use bottled water also reveals the potential benefits of investing in national infrastructure to ensure safe, clean drinking water for everyone. By taking responsibility and supporting communities in need, bottled water companies can transition from being part of the problem to becoming part of the solution.

Bottled water & social entrepreneurship

There are many approaches to tackling the single-use plastic crisis. While some argue that creating single-use bottles from alternative materials is the answer, the ultimate solution lies in addressing the root causes of waste production and clean water access. By aligning our goals with the well-being of humanity and treating water as a fundamental human right, we can begin to transform the zero-sum game of single-use bottled water into a force for positive change toward a circular economy.

Discover how your organization can Join the REvolution through our Partnerships to Save the Planet. We are dedicated to collaborating with companies, universities, and food service facilities that share our passion for addressing the single-use plastic and water crises and are committed to taking meaningful, measurable actions. Together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.






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