We are on a journey to bring the plastic crisis to the forefront, teach others to protect the environment, and provide options to reduce and reuse.

Let's start a movement. Beyond the positive impact that our products make directly, the 'PATH squad' volunteers at local beach cleanups every month.

This year we're supporting the following non-profits, who are all doing really big things to save the planet

The Origins Of PATH

Within the next 25 years, the world will literally be covered in plastic. We're a group of passionate young entrepreneurs, raised on the beaches of San Francisco, that imagined a better future for our planet. So begins a path to provide great tasting water products that are socially responsible, protect the environment and benefit our community.

Our Products

Until now, finding a bottled water that is affordable and responsible just hasn’t been possible. Our ultra-purified water is packaged in a naturally beautiful vessel that's truly kind to the earth. Our aluminum bottle provides a superior drinking experience - sleek, lightweight, wide-mouth and keeps your water cold.

Make a Change

As Silicon Valley innovators we believe you – and the earth – deserve more. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering a superior solution to single-use plastic. The result? A bottled water, that is simply better in every way.

Extremely Recyclable

Aluminum is the most recycled material in the world.

Energy Efficient

Aluminum uses 5x less energy to recycle than plastic.

Miracle Metal

Aluminum is a natural element of the earth.

Why Reverse Osmosis Water

Our high quality water is sourced out of Montebello LA, where it goes through a very intense purification process

PathWater has a ph of 7

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