PATH is the first refillable and 100% recyclable bottled water packaged in a sleek and sturdy aluminum container.

PATH custom

Design your own custom PATH bottle. Simply follow the steps, add your artwork and get creative! It’s easy. It’s fun. And best of all it’s one-of-a-kind!

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PATH hydro

Our double-walled stainless steel bottles provide the perfect solution for enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverage wherever you go. Available in 4 colors with a sleek and durable matte finish and a leak-proof resealable screw cap.

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PATH pure

Our faucet filter is the perfect way to enjoy refreshing and filtered water that easily attaches to any faucet. The clear housing allows your to see your drinking water being filtered. Now you can conveniently refill your PATH bottle over and over.

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PATH sleeves

Our sleeves will keep your PATH bottle cool and help protect it all day long. They are made to fit our bottles, comes in 6 fun colors and has a convenient nylon strap to help you carry your bottle or secure it to your favorite bag so can always keep hydrated no matter where you go.

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PATH swing cap

Easily hold on to your PATH bottle wherever you go with these custom bottle caps. Each has a pivoting handle so you can easily carry your PATH bottle around without worrying about it slipping out of your hand. Available in Blue, Black and White.

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plastic sucks.

Which is why we created
a solution. Drink it, refill it,
repeat. We like to say, it’s
refillable, and offers a path

for any one of us to act.


help save
the planet.

Aluminum offers 100%
endless recyclability, a
closed-loop system which
means a bottle makes
another bottle within 60
days of it being recycled.

aluminum construction

Unlike most other aluminum bottles, your PATH bottle is designed to be refilled and reused. Brimming with unique features above and beyond industry standards, PATH feels good in hand and even better on the conscience.