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Partnering to Save the Planet with the BEST Bottled Water

These major brands have adopted PATHWATER for their zero-waste sustainability initiatives & we’re celebrating them for their efforts!


It’s that time of year when we reflect on the accomplishments we’ve all made to grow the revolution and solve our plastic crisis. It’s also time to plan out our next year ahead and how we will leverage the most impactful moves we can make together. This year we’ve partnered with many major brands who searched high and low for the most sustainable (read: refillable) bottled water to phase out plastic bottled water with. Bye, Bye, plastic! We’ve rounded some of those companies and are highlighting all the reasons why they decided that PATHWATER was the best bottled water to co-brand with in their effort to achieve zero-waste goals and encourage refilling. Here’s a peek at some of the custom co-branded bottled waters.


Napa Farms 

Napa Farms Joins the Refill Revolution with PATHWATER


Napa Farms, located at SFO Airport, specializes in local, specialty food and beverages. As a means to transition from single-use plastic bottled water, Napa Farms chose California-based PATHWATER to support the move to zero-waste. Now travelers hoping to grab a taste of California can take their Napa Farms experience with them around the world. The ability for Napa Farms to co-brand with an affordable refillable bottle has made the difference for minimizing waste and improving the customer’s experience who can now refill throughout the many hydration stations and stay hydrated.


Bun Mee

Bun Mee Joins the Refill Revolution with PATHWATER


More like YUMMee, Bun Mee, is a newer SFO Airport food stop serving Banh mi-inspired sandwiches. The family-owned shop has adopted a plastic-free initiative in 2019 by joining forces with PATHWATER to help SFO travelers get their hands on a refillable, aluminum bottle. Now with a refillable co-branded water bottle, Bun Mee is leaving a lasting impression on customers and the planet. As a walking billboard and an environmental commentary piece, Bun Mee is proud to serve up delicious food and sustainability to guests, and the PATHWATER team is thrilled to support these efforts.



Empire Joins the Refill Revolution with PATHWATER 

Influential players in the music industry are helping to clean up wasteful practices like single-use plastic bottled water. Ghazi Shami of Empire is one of those big players. Together, with the PATHWATER team, Empire has decided on a co-branded refillable bottle that matches the brand to a T. The custom-designed bottle is sleek and attractive and saves the planet with every refill. These co-branded refillable bottles are cleverly offered at Empire headquarters in San Francisco, where Ghazi produces Grammy award-winning records with artists on the Empire label. Now, with PATHWATER, recording artists can stay hydrated and on-trend by not contributing to our plastic waste crisis. 

Much like PATHWATER’s drive to make sustainability accessible to everyone, Ghazi Shami shares the drive to make music production accessible to all. In an interview, he explains how he got started on this mission, “Eventually, I just started doing my own deals. I would disappear for three days and then come back. They’d be like ‘Where were you for three days?’ I’d drop off a box on the desk of like 50 CDs worth of catalog. I’d go buy the catalogs with my own money and get reimbursed whenever because I knew the objective was something great. I was building an infrastructure for people who were generally not-in-the-know to now be in-the-know. That put me in a position of power to be able to lead people into an area that was uncharted.” - Ghazi Shami 

Together, the Empire x PATHWATER partnership brings accessibility to things the world needs more of, music and sustainability.


Hayward Unified School District 

HUSD Joins the Refill Revolution with PATHWATER

This year Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) proved it is part of the smartest, most sustainable school districts in the nation. Not only is HUSD making strides in the right direction, but they are also proving that any school district can make an intelligent switch from single-use plastic bottled water to an affordable refillable solution as a model for students. Hayward USD received an award this year for their achievements in sustainability, and for teaching students, the best path for drinking bottled water - is really about refilling from hydration stations. 

HUSD is proud of their shift from plastic as noted in a recent interview where leadership stated the impact, “If the student and teacher population at Hayward Unified, which totals 21,950, commits to using refillable bottles for one calendar year, they have the potential to eliminate a combined 3.4 million single-use plastic water bottles from entering the waste stream. Additionally, the choice of aluminum bottles means that they can be recycled once they are no longer used. Aluminum has one of the highest recycling rates in the world and is 77% more valuable than plastic.” - HUSD


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Joins the Refill Revolution with PATHWATER 

Yellowstone National Park’s vision for sustainability includes many initiatives, one of which is a precise, actionable measure to ensure park visitors have access to sustainable bottled water that is made from materials other than plastic like aluminum and glass, and is refillable. This is a huge step above the single-use containers that previously littered the park. 

According to the official Yellowstone Vision for Sustainability, the goal for Yellowstone is to purchase environmentally friendly products and minimize the life cycle impacts of purchased materials, i.e., avoid the sale of single-use plastics on park property. To do this, the park has officially started to “offer visitors environmentally responsible, choices and minimize disposable products such as plastic water bottles.”



Adidas partners to save the planet with PATHWATER - the best bottled water


Adidas is listed as a 'Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World' and recognized as a leader in its industry for its supply chain, vendor, and office-related sustainable practices. 

Adidas is recognized in many indices for their various sustainability efforts. Now, in 2019 Adidas has made good on the promise to eliminate single-use plastic waste when it comes to bottled water by co-branding with PATHWATER and developing sleek, celebrated co-branded bottles to offer employees, and those who come in contact with the Adidas brand. This makes visiting the Adidas corporate offices a win-win both for guests and those who want to participate in sustainability. The low-impact, refillable bottle has allowed the Adidas brand to walk the walk, in their genuine desire to decrease waste by offering a durable, refillable bottle that people can keep indefinitely. 

Brands who have yet to embark on a genuinely sustainable journey can use Adidas as a marker for how to make genuine strides in the best direction toward sustainability.


Conway Wampus Cats

 Conway Wampus offer students PATHWATER refillable 100% recyclable bottled water

Conway Wampus is a highly recognized athletics high school in Arkansas. And you know what, they drink A LOT OF WATER! As a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, Conway has been renowned since 1953 and has won at least 33 state championships in interscholastic sports - that requires a lot of hydration. This year Conway Wampus decided to offer students a refillable, 100% recyclable bottle to stay hydrated. Not only does the new bottle aid in lowering waste costs, but the aluminum bottle is also easier and more lucrative for the recycling department to recycle than plastic bottled water. Go Conway!



 Rhude Joins the Refill Revolution with PATHWATER

Balancing accessibility with luxury, the Rhude clothing brand has been dedicated to sustainability by co-branding a unique bottle that makes a luxury gold bottle accessible. Founded by Rhuigi Villaseñor in 2015, the minimalist luxury brand weaves in streetwear elements with a nostalgic influence of Los Angeles style and culture. Rhude offers its sleek co-branded reusable water bottles to event guests as a means to reduce waste and prevent pollution.


RE/DONE partners with PATHWATER | the best bottled water

By reconstructing Levi's into modern fits, RE/DONE makes modern jeans from classics. In the stylish upcycled method, it was a no-brainer for the partnership to create a co-branded bottle that respects the long-term wearability of materials. 

"Care for your clothes like the good friends they are." Joan Crawford.



 Intuit Joins the Refill Revolution with PATHWATER


Intuit is the first tech giant to lead the path for others who become ready to make sustainability strides. Intuit values: “our mission is powering prosperity around the world.” - Intuit values

Prosperity comes in many forms. Creating abundance, accounting appropriately, and also lowering your costs. One way to lower costs is to lower your waste bill. Generating less waste means paying for less waste management and disposal. The partnership to save the planet with Intuit includes encouraging refills for employees and phasing out the plastic to offer refillable bottled water at a similar price to old plastic. An easy transition into a better habit saves time, money, and the planet, which is the goal of any genuine initiative seeking to make an impact.


Facebook Community

Facebook Community incorporating a PATHWATER refillable co-branded bottle

The Facebook Community is incorporating a refillable co-branded bottle to share the love of refilling with employees. The bottle represents the simple ways we can solve our plastic crisis with love. 

Facebook’s sustainability plan includes reductions in greenhouse gases (GHGs), converting to a refillable bottle will help lower the carbon footprint for Facebook. PATHWATER helps companies reduce their carbon footprint by replacing plastic bottled water and implementing a refill office culture. With just 3 refills the bottle becomes carbon neutral, with 4+ refills the bottle offers a positive impact on the planet. Most people reuse their bottle 10+ times minimum. 

Conclusion - How do businesses easily eliminate single-use plastic bottled water and replace with the best refillable bottled water?

It’s easy! Partner to Save the Planet with PATHWATER

We receive constant demand from hotels, school districts, major corporations, tech companies, and gyms that are looking for a plug and play solution to plastic bottled water waste. Our team makes it easy for your company to make the transition to the best, most affordable refillable bottle on the market. You can fill out the form below, and our food service team will contact you with more information on adopting PATHWATER solutions for your company. Together we can make a massive impact on our plastic crisis when we make changes together on a larger-scale.




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