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A MISSION to provide the best localized,
sustainable & affordable bottled water.

The purest locally sourced water with zero hype. We don’t buy into gimmicks and we don’t sell them either. We just provide local communities with the best water from our 7 step reverse osmosis filtration process, currently the ultimate in water filtration systems. We deliver the tastiest water experience at an ideal balanced pH and encourage refilling, infinitely.


We work closely with our water facility in Montebello, California to source groundwater and use an intense filtration process to ensure that only the purest, balanced water gets into our bottles. A sustainable match made in heaven. We set PATHWATER drinkers up for the ultimate ultra purified hydration experience that is sustainably sourced, every time. Like water itself, the bottled water industry can either crash or it can flow. Flow with us on the right path.

Whether you’re heading to school, the office, the gym, or on an adventurous hike, PATHWATER is the friendly bottled water that you can feel good about everytime you purchase, refill, recycle, rebuy. Technically, if everyone on the planet purchased one pathwater and used this for the rest of their life, we’d be out of business! And that’s okay with us because our mission is the bigger picture. Zero single-use plastic water bottles.

Reverse Osmosis, The Purest Water Filtration

A great majority of people LOVE reverse osmosis water. There’s no shortage of reasons why this is. The purity gained from the RO process means water free from additives, chlorine, pollution, fluoride, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, BPA, BPS, and 99.99% of dissolved solids. We maintain effortless hydration at pH that is perfectly balanced.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Our bodies are made of ~60% water and in order to be healthy, we need to drink the right amount. Our bodies aren’t able to function beyond 1 week without water. But what is the perfect amount of water we need to replenish our cells, muscles, and brains? It depends on a few factors like age, weight, and activity levels. The range by weight can be anywhere from 4 cups of water for small kids to 16 cups for a largely built adult.

Refilling Your PATHWATER Bottle

It’s time to refill your PATHWATER bottle, now what? You can refill at any refillable water station, at home with your own tap, or from a purified water pitcher. If you love the taste and clarity of our reverse osmosis filtering, you can achieve the same great taste and purity of your first PATHWATER sip, at home. While tap water is perfectly safe to drink in most of the U.S., many people prefer the taste of additionally filtered water. Nowadays, this is easy to achieve with small scale carbon filtration systems, water filter pitchers, faucet attachment filters, countertop water filters, and under the sink water filters. The refilling options are up to you!

The Reality of Alkalinity and Being pH Balanced

The popularity of drinking alkaline water has come from the idea that our current food system is putting our bodies in an acidic state called acidosis (below pH 7.34). The thought is that our bodies need balancing which can be achieved by consuming water that is higher in alkalinity (pH 8-10). Though this may be true for some people with certain conditions over a short period of time, in general, the various fluids in our body have drastically different pH levels to serve the functions necessary. For example, stomach acid has a pH of 1.5 - 3.0 and this is a good thing, it’s how our bodies break down the food we eat.

pH balance occurs naturally when we consume a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and pH balanced water. Though our bodies are slightly more alkaline 7.35-7.45, if the alkalinity goes above the 7.4 threshold, this is called alkalosis and poses its own set of health risks. Most doctors recommend drinking water that is pH balanced, neither acidic nor alkaline.

Locally Sourced - Where Water Flows PATHWATER Goes

It’s important for water to be locally sourced. We believe in minimizing the water miles it takes to get from the source to the point of hydration. As PATHWATER continues to grow in popularity across the country we plan to grow with it and maintain a sustainable model by sourcing all water locally to minimize the impact of CO2 emissions from transporting water.

What does this mean? Water that is never compromised for profits. Perfectly pure water for healthy communities and the planet.


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