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Stop Single-Use Plastic Bottles From Taking Over!

We know that single-use water bottles are bad for the planet and obsolete, so WHY DOES OUR SCHOOL STILL SELL THEM? And why does our school district allow it?

Single-use plastic water bottles have been banned in several cities around the world because they pollute our streets, damage ecosystems, poison our bodies, and harm many animals along their trashy path. We don’t have time to wait for a ban to trickle down to your school. We can come together to stop plastic water bottles for schools now!

Some schools use bottled water sales to help fund programs, but there are far better solutions! There are many reusable options and incredibly better recyclable materials (like aluminum water bottles) that your school can sell instead of plastic.

Take the NO MORE SINGLE-USE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES in your schools pledge! By signing this petition, we will end the sales of single-use plastic bottles in your school. Make your school, planet earth, and everyone’s budget GREEN again!

Be a hero to future generations of students and animals by helping your school district take a stand to ditch the plastic bottle!