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What is America Recycles Day?

America Recycles Day comes around every year. But before we talk about recycling, we must address reusing first since it’s the best way to reduce waste in the first place. Reusable packaging helps eliminate hundreds of single-use packaging items, reducing waste by an estimated 86% or more, according to the Reusable Packaging Association

Reusable items are best made out of highly recyclable materials like aluminum, steel, or glass, so when their lifespan is up, they can easily be recycled. This is why America Recycles Day is important - it’s a day to bring awareness to recycling and best practices. America Recycles Day is nationwide, but like Earth Day, it has inspired worldwide action and grows every year with new ways to participate in activities and events that raise awareness about recycling.

America Recycles Day is on November 15th every year and was officially commemorated by the White House to observe programs and activities that promote recycling in the United States. The first America Recycles Day was in 1994 and began as Texas Recycles Day, the idea of two employees at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Who celebrates America Recycles Day?

Various organizations, businesses, and people celebrate the day by hosting and attending events to encourage recycling. One of the most prominent organizations is Keep America Beautiful (KAB) which hosts hundreds of events across its chapters in the U.S. KAB was established in 1953 to end littering and improve recycling to help keep communities in the U.S. beautiful. In 2021, Keep America Beautiful recorded the outcome of America Recycles Day with the following stats:

  • 521 unique recycling events 
  • 1,706,858 pounds recycled 
  • 3.65 billion media impressions 

Anyone can celebrate American Recycles Day by participating in an event that already exists or creating your own to raise awareness about recycling and registering your event with KAB so others can join you. 

Is America Recycles Day officially recognized?

Yes, in 1999, President Bill Clinton published and signed a proclamation on America Recycles Day, making it a national observance day. 

Every year since its inception, it has become a tradition that the standing U.S. President make an official proclamation of America Recycles Day. The White House Proclamation is formerly drafted and signed by the president and calls on people in the U.S. to observe the day with activities that encourage the 3 Rs - reduce, reuse, and recycle all year long. 

States and cities across the nation celebrate in various ways. For example, in New York City, individuals and businesses are encouraged to adopt recycling programs at work and school. In the City of Chicago, an annual E-Waste Recycling event is held. In California, many waste companies host events to educate on recycling. You can find events near you on the KAB volunteer page.

What is Global Recycling Day?

Global Recycling Day is much like America Recycles Day but is celebrated worldwide annually on March 18. As an international company, PATH is committed to promoting reuse and recycling worldwide. In 2018, the United Nations officially recognized the day to increase awareness about recycling through various initiatives. The goal is to shift bad habits and protect our natural resources from being littered or tossed in the trash when they can be reduced, reused, and finally recycled. 

How to get involved in America Recycles Day & Global Recycling Day

Mark your calendar for America Recycles Day every November 15. Hundreds of events happen all over the country, and keep American Beautiful has over 700 affiliates across the country that hosts events. If you don’t see an event near you, stand up and host an event to raise awareness about reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Global Recycling Day’s website highlights international events on the official day of March 18th. You can visit the site to check for events or host your own. 

Choose Aluminum - it’s highly recyclable

As we celebrate America Recycles Day, remember to choose genuinely recyclable materials, like Aluminum. But first and foremost, consider reducing your waste with refillable and reusable packaging - like PATH.

What is America Recycles Day? | PATH
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