PATHWATER is the Official Water Sponsor of the Natural Products EXPO West 2019

PATH: Quenching Thirst at Natural Products EXPO West as Official Water Sponsor

In March 2019, PATH brought the first REUSABLE bottled water to the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. As the official water sponsor, PATH showcased the NEW HYBRID model for reusability, purified water in a reusable bottle. This partnership was significant as it was the first time an expo of this size expanded on its sustainability initiative to cover single-use plastic bottled water. PATH, the first beverage company to couple sustainability and reusability to bottled water consumers, finally gave the health and fitness community an alternative to the health-damaging and environmental woes of drinking water from single-use plastic bottles.

PATHWATER is the first beverage company to introduce reusability

A report by the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) released this month exposed the looming health crisis of plastic bottled water. For the person who cares about minimizing toxins in their body and on our beaches but who also needs water on the go, PATH is the go-to bottled water. As the official water sponsor of the Natural Products Expo West, PATH brought its hybrid solution to those seeking healthier, more sustainable products to stock their shelves and refrigerators. 

The next health crisis of our time is single-use plastic bottled water and microplastic ingestion. While PET #1 plastic has mainly been let off the hook because it technically doesn’t contain BPA, scientists, real ones, not the scientists funded by oil companies, are starting to pick apart the facts and uncover that, yes, ALL plastics have an estrogenic effect on everyone. So much for cheers to our health! Grabbing a plastic water bottle is like grabbing an extra 5 pounds of fat since estrogen-mimicking compounds found in microplastics from bottled water do many harmful things, including, for some people, packing on unnecessary pounds.

PATHWATER is Bringing SustainabilityPATH Brings Sustainability to EXPO West

Is a plastic bottle of water the only option for the person who didn't have time to fill up their hydro flask or who wants fresh ice cold water? It shouldn't be. That's why PATH gave out over 100,000 bottles to show attendees to help them make the switch from single-use plastics.

Let's say you're already environmentally conscious and have collected all your plastic bottles and even separated them from other recyclables in your recycling bin. The truth is, since you still bought single‐use plastic in the first place, it's a problem because more "single‐use plastic" is being produced than can be recycled at the current rate. The truth is, the majority of plastic packaging on shelves is virgin plastic because it's easier and cheaper to produce than recycled plastic. The U.S. is so overburdened with "recyclable" plastic that it is being sold to other countries at a loss. Less than 30% of plastic bottles are actually recycled. And of the recycled plastic bottles that are sent to other countries, many countries like India have waste pickers that only pick the more valuable, thicker plastic while the remaining "recycled" plastic gets left in landfills, incinerated, or can be found floating in our oceans. With all that said, what really is a viable solution for single-use plastic?

Expo West is taking responsibility by partnering with PATH as its official water sponsor. Expo West has found a viable solution in PATH and its' hybrid model of purified water in a reusable bottle. The Sustainability Initiative for Expo West includes reducing waste. It's PATH's aluminum bottle which takes five times less energy to recycle, is infinitely recyclable, and not to mention infinitely refillable.


Sustainability Initiative for Expo West | PATHWATER

Expo West 2018 Sustainability Report Figures


Because we are all growing to be more environmentally conscious, sustainability initiatives have increased. We have come to expect sustainability from products we purchase but aren’t quite sure how to discern when a brand is doing it right. Consumers are demanding more transparency regarding how sustainability initiatives play out. As a response, more companies and significant events are addressing the issue, like Expo West.


Choosing the Most Sustainable Drinking Water                    

Now, what about the quality of your water?

We already know spring water does not get bottled at the spring. On top of that, because of potential parasites, spring water must be treated with chlorine or ozone, putting a damper on our idea of pristine bottled at the source of spring water.

What’s the truth about alkaline water?

Alkaline water is said to help balance the acids in your body by adding high pH water to your system. Most alkaline waters are treated to have a pH of about eight or nine, whereas pH-balanced water is neutral at a pH of around seven. Many health professionals recommend drinking pH balanced or alkaline water.

PATH offers simple and pure water. Other than being environmentally conscious, it gives you exactly what it says on the refillable bottle, which is locally sourced ultra-purified water. PATH is giving us the facts while the other plastic bottled waters are selling us hype. It’s time we all get smarter about the bottled water we choose.

What exactly is reverse osmosis?

It removes water impurities by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane, as opposed to regular osmosis, where a liquid naturally passes through a semipermeable membrane toward the more concentrated solution to equalize the liquids on both sides. Reverse osmosis forces the liquid (water with unwanted impurities) through various membranes so that the result is pure water with 99.98% of impurities removed.


Transparency for Bottled Water Companies   

PATHWATER is bringing honesty without gimmicks to bottled water consumers

Most bottled water companies lack transparency about their health and sustainability practices, causing consumers to make uninformed purchases that harm both health and the environment. PATH aims to bring honesty and transparency to the industry, showing that a company with nothing to hide has nothing to fear from full disclosure. As more people learn about PATH, dependence on single-use bottled water will decrease.

PATH is leading the charge in aligning with conscious consumers who want to make a real difference in the plastic crisis. They are creating a movement, attracting more supporters each day. PATH supports local communities through programs such as its Student Ambassador Program and beach cleanups along the California coast. As responsible consumers, it's our responsibility to seek out companies that offer sustainable solutions, and PATH is one of those rare companies that truly put sustainability at the forefront. Their mission has become a movement, attracting large retailers like REI, Safeway, Gelson's, and 7-11, who understand the importance of sustainability and are leveraging their purchasing power to make an even greater impact.

PATHWATER is inspiring to increase sustainability

The partnership between EXPO West and PATH was inspiring in increasing sustainability in the health and wellness space. PATH was thrilled to sponsor EXPO West and lead the way for sustainable water packaging while connecting with attendees to educate them on the plastic crisis. During the show, the PATH team recruited thousands of attendees to their sustainability mission through the bottled water they offered. 

The PATH team was present at various stations, sponsored morning yoga on the plaza, and distributed water throughout the show. The core team was available for interaction and to educate attendees on the impact of plastic on our health and the environment. By choosing PATH, you could start your journey towards a healthier body and a healthier planet with less plastic waste. The team at EXPO West provided a great opportunity to experience the PATH mission firsthand.

PATHWATER  | A path to a healthier body and earth with less plastic        Photo Source: Expo West 2018 image of Morning Meditation on the Plaza                     


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