NFL Champs Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, and Mohamed Sanu Join the Refill Revolution with the Best Bottled Water | PATHWATER

NFL Champs Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, and Mohamed Sanu Join the Refill Revolution with the Best Bottled Water

Super Bowl LIV is upon us, and two shining lights of the NFL will meet in Miami this February. Who will be the champ of this golden hill? Hmm... We don’t know; we’re not NFL psychics! But we do know that our favorite PATHWATER NFL champs Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, and Mohamed Sanu will be teaching fans to #RefillNotLandfill and inspire a better path, perhaps a new way to bring some good luck.

As we kick off the New Year, we remain committed to cheering for refillable PATHWATER bottle and benching the ever-present wasteful single-use plastic water bottles. Our squad of NFL giants is pushing to shine a light on the much needed Refill Revolution for bottled water.

On the cusp of Super Bowl LIV, let us introduce our very own NFL champs, here to clean up the planet. They are, of course, natural community leaders, and we’re pumped they are on #TeamPATH.


Vernon Davis is bringing a better path to fans with PATHWATER


A natural renaissance man. We are so happy to have this strong, well-rounded champion on our team. Vernon may be marching to a sure place in Football’s Hall of Fame, and from our perspective, he is a man of strong social and environmental conscience as well. 

We sat down with Vernon to get his input on why he joined the Refill Revolution with PATHWATER and his opinion on our plastic crisis. Here’s what he had to say. 

“It is time we all step up and make a stand against businesses and people in power that disregard preserving our planet. Refill Not Landfill is our pledge of allegiance to protect the earth one bottle at a time.”

Vernon’s community improvement mentality aligns with the PATHWATER mission of doing the right thing for the people and our planet before profits. We believe the time has come to uplift everyone and not just transition but upgrade from a plastic polluting people, to societies where clean water is accessible, and refilling is the norm.


The average Super Bowl generates 40 tons of waste | PATHWATER


While efforts are being made to recover that waste through recycling and composting, it’s always best to REDUCE the amount of plastic waste going into the system. That’s why we’re pulling back from single-use as the norm, and encouraging more NFL players, teams, and stadiums to take a step back and reconsider our wasteful single-use plastic bottle usage.


Mohamed Sanu is bringing PATHWATER to bean talk 

Mohamed Sanu is bringing PATHWATER to bean talk 

A positive and optimistic influence among us, Mohamed Sanu is bringing PATHWATER to colleagues and fans by way of positive influence. Is PATHWATER what Sanu keeps in his famous front-loading pack? You’ll have to wait to find out with us. And did you catch that video of him on the field with his charming son? A true family man and leader, Mohamed’s place on #TeamPATH is a natural fit of values for a cleaner, happier future. Mohamed adds sustainability to “Bean Talk” - that’s for sure. He is another NFL voice that goes far beyond first downs and catching tough passes.


Mohamed Sanu Jr. Joins the Revolution!  | PATHWATER


Mohamed Sanu Jr. Joins the Revolution!

As an entrepreneur with a vision beyond a quick profit, here’s what Mr. Sanu has to say about Joining the Revolution: “I wish our society was as devoted to protecting our environment as we are to getting likes on social media. I am committed to standing side by side with PATHWATER to change our planet and society for the better.” 

Mr. Sanu, we’re honored to refill alongside you and protect our marine environment together!

By choosing to reuse, we can help prevent marine litter, which harms over 600 marine species - United Nations | PATHWATER


That’s right, every time we keep our refillable PATHWATER close in hand and dodge the sea of plastic on store shelves, we’re putting a stop to the flood of destructive plastic that’s headed to the ocean. When more of us team up to make the commitment to refill, the more we’ll see a dramatic improvement of conditions for wildlife. Together, with every refill, we can stop unnecessary harm to the animals on this planet.


Frank Gore walks the walk with PATHWATER


Frank Gore walks the walk with PATHWATER

NFL leader Frank Gore just moved past the great Barry Sanders to rank 3rd in the all-time rushing records. A man of strength and determination to see that justice and honesty reign. We at PATHWATER are honored to have Frank staying in bounds as he runs down the line to help educate and mentor our youth. This future Hall of Famer couldn’t be a better example for future leaders, and now he’s also bringing a message for the future, #RefillNotLandfill.

Frank had this to say when speaking of his partnership to save the planet with PATHWATER: “We’re in a great position to help people really make a change from plastic bottled water to reusable bottles. We just need to keep working at it, be tough, be smart, make them easily available to everyone, and we can do this.”

 In the U.S., plastic is burned 6X more than it is recycled! | PATHWATER


Go ahead and read that again. While it’s important to recycle plastic trash, oftentimes, that’s not enough to justify the low value of the material and the lack of incentive there is to recover plastic and make it into new products. Chemical recycling of plastic is expensive, and so often, most municipalities will not go through the efforts to separate it out and instead burn it in incinerators because it’s more cost-effective. Burned plastic in the air can only be filtered out with highly advanced filters and scrubbers. That pollution ends up back in our air. So what’s more important than recycling? REDUCING! What’s more important that recycling? REUSING! Go team!  



As we plan for Super Bowl Sunday, we can all look for ways to be zero-waste heroes. Even though the NFL and their stadiums are trying to improve their environmental footprint, which is a positive, the reuse and refill emphasis that Team PATH believes in, appears to be missing so far.

We need everyone on Team PATH, which is why great ambassadors like Vernon Davis, Mohamed Sanu, and Frank Gore are helping to make effective environmental shifts by promoting PATHWATER - the best refillable water bottle on the planet. With a simple refresh, refill, repeat.

The great thing is that progress is being made because you can’t keep the truth hidden forever. In Britain, 84% of their football (soccer) fans are in favor of stadiums implementing reusable or returnable cups, and 86% have enough information to be in favor of removing single-use plastics where possible. Could we here, in the U.S. match that? Let’s see! Take our poll and tell us, would you be in favor of implementing a reusable beverage container policy at sports stadiums?



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