Enter to win a 1-Year Supply of PATHWATER when you Help Us reach 10,000 BOOSTS

Enter to win a 1-Year Supply of PATHWATER when you Help Us reach 10,000 BOOSTS

Your Chance to get PATHWATER in Stores Near You!

Have you finally discovered PATHWATER’s brilliant hybrid solution purified water in a reusable aluminum bottle and want to share it with the world? Now you can! With one simple “boost” you can tell stores you want them to carry PATHWATER. Join our mission to take single-use plastic bottled water off every shelf and replace them with reusable, aluminum solutions like PATHWATER by helping us get 10,000 boosts. 

If we want to change the world, we’ve got to demand better, more sustainable options. We can replace poor decisions from the past with great decisions for our future. PATHWATER has partnered with a natural product platform that gives consumers the power to choose the products they want to see on their store shelves. It’s a great way to ensure everyone has access to more sustainable options. 

Here’s what to do to get PATHWATER in stores near you:


social nature boost pathwater

Step 1: Head over to Social Nature by clicking this link & click “Boost it” 

Step 2: Answer a few questions & choose your local stores

Step 3: Share to Facebook or Twitter & that’s it! 

Help us get to 10,000 Boosts! How to Win:

If you’d like to enter our contest to win 1 year’s worth of PATHWATER, take this last step:

Step 4: Take a screenshot and send to info@drinkpath.com - you’ll be automatically entered to win and notified via email.


PATHWATER available at 7-11 boost on social nature to request PATHWATER


The 5 Biggest Reasons Why it’s Important to Get PATHWATER into EVERY STORE


Q: Why does it matter if we have reusable, aluminum bottles sold into stores next to plastic?

A: Single-use plastic, though everywhere, is a concept of the past. It’s wasteful even when “recycled” because 70% - 98% of the time it ends up in landfills or littered. Having a reusable option sold on the same store shelves as single-use plastic helps people make better choices at the source, cutting off the need for plastic bottled water. Aluminum is highly recyclable, and this offers people another level of safety if you’re unable to reuse or your bottle is ready to be reused. 


Q: What if I already have a reusable water bottle?

A: That’s great! However, even the best of us forget our bottles sometimes. In these cases, we might feel forced to buy a single-use plastic or carton bottled water if there are no other options. Now, you have another choice, to purchase a reusable bottle, which you can reuse in the future. 


Q: Why sell a reusable bottle with water already in it?

A: Reusable bottles are great, however, they are commonly sold in places that aren’t very convenient. This is especially true when you need water at that very moment and lack both water and a bottle to drink it from. Having a reusable bottle with water already in it makes grabbing a reusable bottle convenient.


Q: Is PATHWATER more affordable than a regular reusable bottle that doesn’t come with water?

Yes! The fact that we have decided to sell PATHWATER reusable bottles in the beverage section, means we make sure the price is comparable to the single-use plastic and carton waters next to it. PATHWATER is accessible and priced, unlike more expensive reusable bottles that start around $15 - $150. PATHWATER is sold for $2.50 -$2.99.


Q: What if my tap water isn’t good enough to drink, is it worth buying an aluminum, reusable bottle?

While we encourage everyone to refill their bottles, we understand that this isn’t always feasible. Sometimes the hesitation is the taste of your tap water, which can be easily corrected with an affordable carbon filter pitcher or faucet filter. When water quality is in question, other intense filtration systems can be installed like Reverse Osmosis filtration systems. However, if reusing your aluminum bottle is still not feasible, you can choose to upcycle it, or recycle it, and feel secure that it will be turned into another bottle of equal quality within 90 days. Aluminum is one of the most robust recycling systems in the world, with a recycling rate of 77.1%. 


how to request PATHWATER at Lassens


Conclusion: Main points to know about how to boost PATHWATER on Social Nature

  • Boost PATHWATER by going here and clicking “Boost it”
  • Enter to win PATHWATER by sending us a screenshot of your Boost to info@drinkpath.com 
  • Share with friends and family so you can help PATHWATER get 10,000 Boosts
  • Getting PATHWATER in every store is key to getting plastic out
  • Even if you have a reusable bottle, taking action helps other people have better access to one
  • PATHWATER is more affordable than typical reusable bottles sold without water
  • There are ways to help make water in your home, office, or school better you can #RefillNotLandfill


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