‘5 Ways to Use Your PATHWATER’ as Featured in the Nutrimom Blog by Tracy Bush

‘5 Ways to Use Your PATHWATER’ as Featured in the Nutrimom Blog by Tracy Bush

As plastic pollution piles up on our planet, it’s important to have allies and educators that help spread genuine environmental solutions. We want to take a moment to honor Tracy Bush for doing just that. Tracy is the founder and President of Nutrimom®, Inc., a consulting business that specializes in food allergies and helps to provide guidance and support for anyone who has been diagnosed with food allergies. And… Tracy loves PATHWATER! But like any awesome, skeptical mom who cares about the health and the planet, she was initially suspicious that PATHWATER was just another bottled water company. When we connected with Tracy earlier this year to share the PATHWATER Mission, she shared the backstory in her blog titled “It’s Not Just Water.”

"A recent email came to me from PATHWATER asking if I would be interested in checking out their product. In my typical fashion of fast-glancing through an email, my thought was "It's water," and I left it for later. Then my official blogger brain kicked in, and questions swirled inside of my head. Pushing all of my other tasks aside, I logged onto their website and began to read. Going through more of their pages, I have to admit, and I was kicking myself for making such a fast judgment initially. This is a product with a mission, and it's far beyond how to stay hydrated or quench someone's thirst. This may be a product that could change how we look at plastic bottles of water forever."

After sharing a case of PATHWATER with Tracy, she began seeing the bigger picture of our mission, to reduce plastic waste, to reuse as much as possible, and to recycle materials that have a high recycling rate, like aluminum. She became inspired and shared our story with her audience. Then, she took on her own challenge to share 5 creative ways to reuse water bottles from PATHWATER, on a mission to educate about incorporating reusability into your bottled water experience.


Here are the 5 ways Nutrimom’s Tracy Bush highlighted to educate people about PATHWATER


1. PATHWATER is a Teaching Tool

You can use PATHWATER to teach children about the importance of reusing and recycling. More than just another basic lesson on putting a can in the correct bin, you can go a step further and teach children about our plastic crisis, the 5 garbage patches in our oceans, and the need to participate in political action to minimize single-use plastics. Here are some other topics you can teach with a PATHWATER bottle:

  • Reduce waste before it happens by reusing
  • Less than 10% of all plastic has ever actually been recycled
  • Plastic recycling is downcycling, as it often gets turned into inferior products that end up in landfills and oceans
  • Aluminum is currently the most recycled material
  • 75% of aluminum that was ever put into production is still in use today
  • Water is a human right


PATHWATER to teach children about the importance of reusing and recycling


2. Upcycle Your PATHWATER into a Bird Feeder


While it’s best to refill your PATHWATER as many times as you can before recycling it, once it’s time to recycle your bottle, consider giving it one more life before it hits the bin. Hop onto to Pinterest and search some DIY projects for bird feeders. Here’s an example of how NutriMom, Tracy, created her very own sleek bird feeder by using a PATHWATER bottle as a base.


refill your PATHWATER as many times as you can before recycling it


3. Fitness equals PATHWATER


Staying hydrated is essential for any workout. From low impact to intense work, using a refillable PATHWATER bottle makes it easy to keep hydrated according to your workout needs. When one bottle of water isn’t enough, just refill it. If you’re going out for a long, intense hike, fill up more than one and take them with you. Then when you come home and want a quick massage, you can roll around on it! Either way, when you take care of the planet by reducing the amount of plastic bottled water you drink, you take care of your health by minimizing the amount of plastic and microplastic lurking all around. (Not so) Fun Fact: Did you know that the average person eats enough microplastics to make one credit card every week, according to a new study from the World Wildlife Fund? We should probably stop this. Check out this blog if you’re interested in learning more about the plastic-fitness relationship.


Fitness equals PATHWATER


4. Hey Kids! Get your Emergency Kits Ready with PATHWATER.

When disasters strike, you don’t want to be caught without a well-stocked emergency kit that includes safe water that’s ready to drink. But if you’re like most overthinkers, you might agonize over the thought of adding plastic bottled water to your kit, and rightfully so. Plastic bottled water leaches antimony and other estrogenic chemicals from the plastic into the water, and the longer the bottles sit, the more chemicals get leached into the water. PATHWATER is a better, sturdier, more sustainable, and resilient alternative to stocking up a water supply in your emergency kit.


And, on a lighter side, you can use your empty bottles as a keeper of some nibbles on the go like Nutrimom.


PATHWATER | a well-stocked emergency kit that includes safe water that’s ready to drink


5. How resourceful can you be with your PATHWATER bottle?

We’ve all been in a pinch, needed to hammer something but had no hammer; roll some dough with no rolling pin; keep a door open with no door stopper. The list goes on, and if you’re the type of person who is determined to get the job done, with or without the right tools… PATHWATER could be your right hand.


The best reusable bottled water | PATHWATER



Single-use plastic packaging rules our convenience and grocery store isles. As we learn the truths around are the pollution attached to plastic pollution, there needs a lot more advocacy and education about reusable packaging, plastic, and the single-use culture we are in today. Reuse is rad, and so are moms like Tracy Bush who care about the planet by using the best-bottled water, PATHWATER. “Just as children are our future, Moms and parental figures who nurture learning about health and our planet are the leaders of that path. We’re honored by Tracy Bush’s support of our mission to rid the world of single-use plastic bottled water pollution and educate on the always relevant model of reduce, reuse, and recycle,” said Ali Orabi, Co-founder of PATHWATER.



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Check out Tracy’s blog Your Water Can Help Save the Planet

Are you a blogger that cares about the fate of our planet?! Do you want to see single-use plastic bottled water in history books and not on store shelves?! Let us know! We’ll send you a reusable bottle, and you too can help SAVE THE PLANET with us by sharing our mission and educating on the plastic crisis with us. Email Ali ali@drinkpath.com.

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