Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day with a Special Edition #five4five Bottle

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day with a Special Edition #five4five Bottle

Fifty years ago, Earth Day was created as a movement for youth to take on environmental issues that needed to be addressed. On that very first Earth Day in 1970, 20 million Americans took over to demonstrate the need for a healthy, sustainable environment. Students rose up across thousands of colleges and universities to take a stand for the ocean, grasslands, wildlife, human rights, and trees. Today, we’re taking that same stand.

Pathwater is launching the #five4five campaign to donate 100% of proceeds from its $5 limited-edition Earth Day bottled water to five nonprofits that support elements of the earth, including oceans, forests & grasslands, wildlife, trees, and people. Our goal is to convert 30,000 special edition Earth Day bottles into funding for our environment.

“The #five4five campaign is simple, purchase a $5 refillable Earth Day bottle and benefit five nonprofits that are supporting the earth,” said Ali Orabi, CMO and Co-founder of Pathwater. “Inspired by our wildly successful co-branded partnerships and tying to our brands’ ethos, we wanted to make the 50th anniversary of Earth Day special. Consumers love seeing their favorite brands and companies represented on our co-branded bottles, so we wanted to take that to the next level by celebrating the earth and giving back 100% of proceeds to nonprofits that support the planet’s conservation, preservation, and overall future.”

To continue the legacy of those who stand up for a better environment, 100% of proceeds from the Pathwater limited-edition $5 Earth Day reusable bottles will be donated and split equally between five nonprofits that support five elements of the earth: 



  • 5 Gyres (oceans)
  • National Forest Foundation (forests & grasslands)
  • Karmagawa (wildlife)
  • Oxygen Seven (trees)
  • Make-A-Wish (people)


Buy a Pathwater limited-edition Earth Day bottled water for $5 (free shipping), and 100% of the proceeds will be donated and split between these five nonprofits that support five elements of the earth. Here’s a little more about why we carefully chose these five important nonprofits, and you can help!

5 Gyres - Oceans


Got Ocean pride?! 5 Gyres represents the ocean. Join us in lifting your reusable water bottle #five4five with 5 Gyres to the Ocean this Earth Day. Since 2009, 5 Gyres has been working to eliminate plastic from entering our waterways, through science, educational programs, policy change, and research expeditions. The world relies on data collection to know how far our plastic waste issue has gone and how it’s affecting ocean (and human!) health.

When you get a Pathwater Earth Day bottle, you are refilling to prevent waste from ending up in the ocean (Nice job, you!). Your bottle purchase is a donation to the insane work the 5 Gyres crew is 100% dedicated to. Will you be part of the movement against single-use plastic waste? Grab Your Special Edition Reusable Pathwater Bottle to Support 5 Gyres Now.



National Forest Foundation - Forests & Grassland                      

The National Forest Foundation represents Forests and Grasslands. This Earth Day, we’re collaborating to reduce plastic waste, and helping to preserve national forests and grasslands via the effort of the National Forest Foundation (NFF). Thanks, NFF for continuing to protect over 193-million-acres of the National Forest System. For protecting wildlife habitats and recreation resources, improving fish and wildlife habitat, planting more trees, restoring meadows, and improving aquatic organism passages, we’re grateful that the NFF has been hard at work. It takes the protection of beautiful landscapes to keep hiking trails beautiful, camps clean, and the natural places we love to explore clean, healthy, and educational.

The National Forest System will be supported this Earth Day by nature lovers who will be able to grab a reusable bottle for $5 and where proceeds will go to protecting our National Forests and Grasslands. Now you can take your bottle with pride and refill it at one of the many National Forests. Grab Your Special Edition Reusable Pathwater Bottle Now. 


Karmagawa - Wildlife

Karmagawa represents wildlife and does not shy away from helping a myriad of environmental causes, from humanitarian charities, animal welfare and rescue, food banks, and eliminating plastic waste causes, ocean and marine life conservation, and of course, wildlife conservancy. 

Pathwater couldn’t find a better fit to tie in a charity #five4five proceeds in the Karmagawa bottle that will remind you that your $5 dollars will go to saving and protecting wildlife and the many other causes this amazing organization helps. Learn more about Karmagawa in their mini-documentary.

50 minutes to save the world documentary - https://www.youtube.com/embed/wthTmQHmuZ0

Oxygen Seven - Trees

Oxygen Seven represents trees and is an organization dedicated to making our environment better for every species on the planet. How do they do this? Planting trees, of course! What a more impactful way to fight climate change than through planting more trees to sequester carbon, restore the environment, save and protect biodiversity, and reverse deforestation.

Help Oxygen Seven plant more trees and make a massive impact on the planet with Pathwater this Earth Day. Every $5 bottle helps plant more trees. Need more convincing? Here are some facts about why we need more trees to be planted:

  • Trees make our air more breathable
  • Trees are a natural water filter  
  • 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity lives in trees
  • Trees are our natural carbon absorbents
  • Trees provide medicine for many diseases including certain cancers, saving human lives
  • Trees save our planet



Make-A-Wish - People

Make-A-Wish® represents humanity and has granted more than 500,000  life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses since 1980. Tens of thousands of people nationwide help create wishes that have the power to shine a light of hope in a child’s life during their darkest moments. A wish can often be a key way to improve a child’s quality of life and produce better health outcomes. 

In honor of caring for humanity, Earth Day 2020 reusable Pathwater bottle proceeds go to Make-A-Wish, which brings hope, strength and joy to children and all the people in their lives. Earth Day just got that much more special. Pick up your bottle to support Make-A-Wish now


In these delicate times, now more than ever, protecting trees, forests, grasslands, wildlife, and the ocean, is important for ensuring humans' existence on this earth. Every action counts, which is why we've created the easiest way to diversify your environmental charity efforts with a water bottle for charity.

We invite you to slow down a bit this Earth Day and get an exclusive #five4five bottle that donates to all proceeds to 5 awesome organizations. It's the easiest way to help preserve and care for national forests and grasslands, the ocean, wildlife, trees, and all of that, in turn, helps take care of humanity. We're in this together. Happy Earth Day!

Make an impact this Earth Day:









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