5 Things Vernon Davis Wants EVERY ATHLETE to Know About PATHWATER

5 Things Vernon Davis Wants Every Athlete to Know About PATH

  1. PATH uses a BPA-free lining, so water never actually touches the aluminum.
  2. Aluminum is the MOST recycled & recyclable material in the world.
  3. You get to save the world by stopping plastic consumption and pollution.
  4. PATH is known for its balanced hydration.
  5. You get to rewash and reuse your PATH bottle infinitely.

Vernon Davis Partners with PATH to End Single-Use Plastic Bottled Water Waste

Vernon Davis has been with the NFL for 13 years and has seen tremendous amounts of single-use plastic waste in the sport in his impressively long career. He’s now dedicated to getting stadiums, colleagues, and schools to ban single-use plastic in arenas, on campuses, and in their everyday lives. “I think they (single-use plastic water bottles) are a tremendous waste. After meeting with PATH and learning more about how the tremendous amounts of plastic we dispose of daily destroy our oceans, it upset me,” said Vernon Davis.

Davis has also started visiting local schools and speaking at rallies on his mission to encourage teammates, football stadiums, and school campuses across the U.S. to ban single-use plastic water bottles. He hopes to educate youth about the harms of single-use plastic water bottles and teach them that there are healthier solutions for bottled water, like PATH.

At a recent visit to Sequoia High School in Redwood City, California, Davis encouraged students to ban single-use plastic bottled water at their campus by signing this petition, “We (athletes) have a huge responsibility. We have a platform that we have been given to use for more than just talking about our stats from a game. We are looked at as leaders in our community and within our fan base. If we can use that influence to encourage our fans to make greener choices, we can be the catalyst for great change.”

Younger generations are uniquely equipped to lead a revolution for solving the plastic crisis that is plaguing our planet. Davis, a father of 3, said, “You know, when you become a parent, you start thinking about the next 100 years rather than the next 40 or 50, which makes up your estimated lifespan. You think about the future of your kids and their kids. It gives me an even greater sense of responsibility to do what I can to leave this earth better than it was when I was born.”

The founders of PATH are excited to have Vernon join the sustainability team, who works endlessly to promote this new, safer bottled water to people all over the world. “One thing we say as a company is that sustainability is a lifestyle. It goes through everything that you do daily. If you grab a cup of coffee, you may not realize that the little plastic lid on top will last for 700 years. You’re using it for a couple of hours a day, and even if you recycle it, that little piece of plastic will be around for another 700 years. It’s all about education on the way we live our lives, and we’re here to promote a better lifestyle,” said Shadi Bakour, Founder and CEO of PATH.

Be on the lookout for Vernon, surprising many more schools to promote health and a better future alongside PATH, encouraging students and teachers to sign the petition to ban single-use plastic bottled water at your local school.

Video transcription: "Hey, it’s your boy Vernon Davis here! I’m here to tell every athlete five things they should know about PATHWATER and its mission. Their mission is pretty simple: to get rid of single-use plastic water bottles. YES! The thing I love about PATHWATER is that they use a BPA-free liner inside of the bottle, so the water isn’t touching the aluminum. Aluminum is the most recyclable material in the world. You get to SAVE the world by stopping the ocean from being polluted. PATHWATER is known for its balanced hydration. And lastly, you get to rewash and reuse the bottle. Ah!"


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