5 Benefits of Bulk Reusable Water Bottles for Your Organization

5 Benefits of Bulk Reusable Water Bottles for Your Organization

What if the key to monumental change lay in something as simple as the choice of a water bottle? The transformative power of organizations leading the charge, swapping single-use plastic for custom refillable PATH bottles, could be monumental. This seemingly small change is a profound change for organizations and the planet. Let's explore five benefits of leveraging bulk reusable water bottles for your organization.


1. Fostering company culture and commitment through sustainability 

Sustainable practices are becoming a cornerstone of modern business strategies, and integrating initiatives such as providing refillable water bottles is proving to be a powerful tool in enhancing employee morale and commitment. 88% of employees think it's unacceptable for companies to profit at society's expense​​. This sentiment is deeply rooted in the desire for meaningful work, with nearly 70% of employees stating they wouldn't work for a company without a strong purpose and 60% willing to take a pay cut to work for a purpose-driven company.​

Moreover, the link between sustainability efforts and employee satisfaction is clear, with 90% of executives acknowledging that a strong sense of collective purpose within the organization drives employee satisfaction.​

Companies with a clear sense of purpose have experienced significant growth, highlighting a direct correlation between purpose-driven practices and profit​​. Supplying bulk reusable options for your organization can have a profound impact on culture and positivity, especially when those bottles are branded to your company.


2. Reducing carbon with fewer water miles for your water

The environmental impact of the transport of single-use bottled water is often overlooked, yet the numbers are staggering. For example, manufacturing and transporting a one-kilogram bottle of a popular single-serve bottled water brand can consume 26.88kg of water, use nearly one liter of fossil fuel, and emit 562g of greenhouse gases​.

Organizations can significantly lower their 'water miles' and associated carbon emissions by adopting prefilled reusable bottles and leveraging local water sources. This move signals a commitment to sustainability and investment in regional economies and a commitment to water quality. This also aligns with strategies to protect freshwater resources while reducing energy and carbon emissions, as recommended by policymakers and water quality managers.

​The transition to local water sourcing is not a fleeting trend but a strategic decision with lasting benefits for the planet.


3. Improving ESG Metrics

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics have become vital indicators of a company's operational excellence and ethical impact. Remarkably, 97% of profitable growth companies prioritize becoming more environmentally sustainable​. This clearly indicates that ESG metrics resonate strongly with corporate leaders and consumers.

With the U.S. consuming an estimated 50 billion single-use plastic water bottles annually and only 23.5% being recycled, the switch to reusable bottles is environmentally imperative and a clear ESG performance enhancer​.

Successful companies, like Orangetheory Fitness, have already demonstrated the positive impact of banning single-use plastic bottles, leading to significant waste and carbon reduction metrics beneficial for ESG reporting​.


4. Enhancing employee wellness with hydration

Proper hydration plays a pivotal role in cognitive and physical performance. A review of 33 studies found that 35% of workers experienced occupational heat stress, which can lead to a loss in productivity. Additionally, 30% reported a direct loss in productivity due to heat, with dehydration being a significant factor.​

The impacts of dehydration extend beyond physical stress; cognitive function is also critically affected. Dehydration has been linked to significant impairments in cognitive abilities, including attention, executive function, and motor coordination. Moreover, it can lead to a decline in the ability to perform tasks requiring complex cognitive engagement, such as mathematical operations.​

Organizations can play a critical role in promoting employee wellness by providing easy access to water through prefilled bulk reusable bottles and hydration stations. This simple measure safeguards against the productivity losses associated with dehydration, underpinning a proactive approach to workplace wellness with the simple act of refilling.


5. Amplifying your sustainability impact 

People who opt for reusable bottles save an average of 156 single-use plastic water bottles yearly​. ​This statistic becomes even more significant when scaled to the level of an organization or large event. By adopting bulk reusable water bottles, companies can amplify their positive environmental impact, extending far beyond the confines of the office or event space.

These actions taken collectively can lead to substantial reductions in plastic waste, fostering greater metrics and impact. The global market for reusable water bottles is growing and is a testament to the commitment to reduce single-use plastics​.




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