Where to Refill Your PATH: Guide to Water Refill Stations in Los Angeles

Where to Refill Your PATH: Guide to Water Refill Stations in Los Angeles

When in LA, it's time to do it like the Angelenos. Whether you're driving up the coast in Malibu or having the best tacos of your life, it's always a good time to stay hydrated. LA is all about doing things next level, and that includes better, more environmentally-friendly hydration. 

In fact, the LAX airport just banned the sale of single-use plastic bottled water, and the  Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) banned single-use plastics throughout the facility, replacing single-use plastic bottles with aluminum bottles throughout cafes and catering operations and vending machines.

The shift towards reusable water bottles over single-use plastic bottles has gained significant momentum in recent years. 91% of Americans want bottled water to be available wherever other drinks are sold, according to an IBWA by The Harris Poll; more importantly, people simply want access to clean water. Water continues to be America's favorite beverage, and the reasons include health, convenience, safety, and value when it comes to bottled water. Reusable or refillable bottled water has emerged as a sustainable alternative to traditional single-use plastic bottles. 

Whether you are from Los Angeles or traveling to the city of Angels, here's how to navigate the city conscientiously, seeking refill stations for your reusable water bottle.

The Importance of Refilling

Choosing to refill with a reusable water bottle is a game-changer. It reduces pollution, conserves resources, and it's a big thumbs-up for our planet. Plus, it's a smart move for your wallet. Every refill saves you money compared to buying bottled water. So here’s how to make a difference. Choose to refill, and raise awareness to help others make more sustainable choices. 

Refill Stations in Public Spaces

Los Angeles boasts a range of public spaces that offer convenient refill stations, allowing residents and visitors to quench their thirst on the go. Here are some popular locations where you can find refill stations throughout the city:

Parks and Recreational Areas

Griffith Park

This sprawling urban park features refill stations strategically placed throughout its vast expanse, providing a refreshing break for hikers, joggers, and nature enthusiasts. As one of the largest urban parks in the United States, Griffith Park features refill stations strategically placed throughout its vast expanse. Visitors can quench their thirst while exploring its scenic trails, enjoying panoramic views, or visiting attractions like the following locations:

Griffith Observatory

  • Address: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Refill stations can be found throughout Griffith Park, including near popular spots such as the Griffith Observatory, Fern Dell Nature Center, and the trails around the park

Exposition Park

Home to the California Science Center and the Natural History Museum, this park offers refill stations near its attractions, ensuring visitors can stay hydrated during their educational explorations. Situated near the University of Southern California (USC), Exposition Park is home to several renowned attractions, including the California Science Center and the Natural History Museum. Refill stations can be found throughout the park, ensuring visitors can stay hydrated during their educational explorations.

  • Address: 700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037
  • Refill stations are situated throughout Exposition Park, close to attractions such as the California Science Center, Natural History Museum, and the Rose Garden, providing opportunities to stay hydrated during your visit

Echo Park Lake

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this picturesque park features a scenic lake and several refill stations along its pathways, providing a convenient spot to refill your water bottle while enjoying the tranquil surroundings. Echo Park Lake, nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, offers a picturesque setting for outdoor enthusiasts. The park features several refill stations along its pathways, allowing visitors to enjoy the serene surroundings while staying refreshed.

  • Address: 751 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026
  • Echo Park Lake features refill stations along its pathways, offering a refreshing pause as you enjoy the serene ambiance and beautiful scenery of the park

Disneyland Resort 

The Happiest Place on Earth, is not just about thrilling rides and magical experiences. It's also committed to promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Located in Anaheim, California, Disneyland offers several refill stations throughout its parks, providing guests with a convenient way to stay hydrated while reducing single-use plastic waste.

Address: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

Refill Stations in Disneyland Disneyland Resort features numerous refill stations strategically located across its two parks - Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. These refill stations provide a convenient and eco-friendly way for guests to refill their water bottles as they enjoy their day in the parks.

Disneyland Park: Disneyland Park, the original theme park, offers several refill stations throughout its eight themed lands. From Main Street, U.S.A. to Tomorrowland, guests can find refill stations near major attractions, dining areas, and restrooms.

Disney California Adventure Park: Over at Disney California Adventure Park, guests can also find refill stations scattered across its seven exciting lands. Whether you're exploring the wilderness in Grizzly Peak or strolling along the Pacific Wharf, refill stations are readily available for a quick hydration stop.

Beaches and Coastal Areas

Santa Monica Beach

A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, Santa Monica Beach offers refill stations near the bustling Santa Monica Pier and along the beachfront, enabling beachgoers to stay hydrated under the California sun. Santa Monica Beach, a beloved coastal destination, provides refill stations near its iconic Santa Monica Pier and along the beachfront. Visitors can easily replenish their water bottles while basking in the sun, playing beach volleyball, or simply enjoying a stroll along the shore.

  • Address: 380 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Refill stations are conveniently located along the Santa Monica Beach promenade and near the iconic Santa Monica Pier, providing easy access to water refills while enjoying beachside activities

Venice Beach

Known for its vibrant atmosphere and iconic boardwalk, Venice Beach is equipped with refill stations positioned strategically near its main entrances, ensuring visitors have access to fresh water while enjoying the beachside activities. Known for its vibrant and eclectic atmosphere, Venice Beach offers refill stations conveniently located near its main entrances. Visitors can hydrate themselves while immersing in the unique sights, street performances, and lively energy of the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

  • Address: 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291
  • Refill stations can be found near the entrances of Venice Beach, allowing visitors to refill their water bottles as they explore the vibrant Venice Beach Boardwalk and its lively atmosphere

Public Plazas and Promenades

Pershing Square

Located in downtown Los Angeles, Pershing Square features refill stations catering to residents, office workers, and visitors enjoying the green space in the city's heart. Located in downtown Los Angeles, Pershing Square is a popular public plaza that hosts various events and gatherings. Refill stations are available in the square, providing a convenient source of water for residents, office workers, and visitors enjoying the urban green space.

Grand Park

Situated adjacent to the iconic City Hall, Grand Park provides refill stations at various points throughout the park, allowing individuals to stay hydrated while enjoying cultural events and community gatherings.

Metro Stations

Many Metro stations across Los Angeles offer refill stations, recognizing the importance of providing access to drinking water for commuters. Stations such as Union Station, Hollywood/Highland, and 7th Street/Metro Center have refill stations conveniently located within their premises.

Outdoor Shopping Centers, Retail Districts, Travel

The Grove

This popular outdoor shopping destination in Los Angeles offers refill stations throughout its sprawling complex, catering to shoppers who wish to stay hydrated while enjoying a retail therapy session.

Third Street Promenade

Located in Santa Monica, the Third Street Promenade boasts refill stations along its pedestrian-friendly street, providing a refreshing pause for visitors exploring the bustling retail district.

​​Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

​​Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the primary airport serving Los Angeles, offers refill stations for travelers to stay hydrated while reducing plastic waste. LAX has implemented numerous water bottle filling stations throughout its terminals. These stations are equipped with bottle-filling features and can be found near restrooms, food courts, and other high-traffic areas. They allow travelers to conveniently refill their reusable water bottles before, during, and after their flights. You can also find refillable PATH at LAX at HMS Host restaurants and shops.

Refill Stations in Retail and Dining Establishments

The growing trend of businesses and restaurants offering refill stations reflects a shift towards more sustainable practices and an increased awareness of environmental concerns. Many establishments now recognize the importance of catering to environmentally conscious customers and are taking proactive steps to support their sustainability efforts. 

Meeting Customer Expectations

As sustainability becomes an integral part of consumer preferences, businesses and restaurants are adapting to meet customer expectations. Refill stations demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, attracting and retaining customers who prioritize eco-friendly options.

Reducing Single-Use Plastic

Businesses and restaurants offering refill stations actively contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste. By providing an alternative to single-use bottled water, these establishments help minimize the environmental impact associated with plastic bottle production, transportation, and disposal.

Enhancing Brand Image and Reputation

Adopting sustainable practices, such as offering refill stations, positively impacts a business's brand image and reputation. Customers increasingly value environmentally conscious brands, and businesses that prioritize sustainability can differentiate themselves in the market and attract a loyal customer base.

Encouraging Customer Engagement

Refill stations encourage customer engagement and participation in sustainable practices. By providing convenient access to clean drinking water, businesses empower customers to actively make environmentally responsible choices, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the planet.


Starbucks locations throughout Los Angeles often provide refill stations for customers. They encourage customers to bring their own reusable cups and offer refills at a discounted price, promoting sustainable choices and reducing single-use cup waste.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market stores in Los Angeles typically have refill stations for water and other beverages. Whole Foods encourages customers to bring their own reusable bottles and offers a variety of options, including filtered water, kombucha, and other refreshing beverages. PATH is also sold at Whole Foods if you're looking for a refillable bottle.

Urth Caffé

Urth Caffé, a popular local coffee chain, offers refill options for customers with their reusable cups. They provide high-quality coffee, tea, and specialty beverages, allowing patrons to enjoy their favorite drinks while minimizing single-use cup waste.


Lemonade, a health-conscious eatery with multiple locations in Los Angeles, offers refill stations for water and a variety of infused beverages. Customers can bring their own reusable bottles and enjoy refreshing drinks without relying on single-use containers.

Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee, known for its artisanal coffee blends, encourages customers to bring their own reusable cups. They offer refills of their handcrafted coffees, allowing coffee enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite brews while minimizing waste.


Sweetgreen, a popular salad chain, promotes sustainability by offering water refill stations in their restaurants. Customers can refill their water bottles while enjoying healthy and delicious salads made from locally sourced ingredients.

Places with hydration stations

Wherever you find yourself in the vast area that is LA, there are some common facilities where you can likely find hydration stations. These facilities encourage hydration and plastic waste reduction.

Public Parks - Many city parks have public water fountains that can be used to refill water bottles.

Recreation Centers - These often have water fountains or hydration stations for public use.

Shopping Malls - Many shopping centers have water fountains or designated hydration stations.

Universities and Colleges - Universities and educational  institutions, like UCLA,  have water fountains in their buildings and outdoor spaces.

Public Libraries - Libraries often have water fountains available for public use.

Museums - Many museums, like the California Science Center have water fountains or hydration stations for visitors.

Fitness Centers and Gyms - These places typically have hydration stations for their members such as Barry’s and Orangetheory Fitness. 

Public Transport Stations - Train stations, bus terminals, and airports often have water fountains or hydration stations.

Hotels - Many hotels offer hydration stations in their lobbies or fitness centers, like1 Hotels, Marriot, Andaz. 

Restaurants and Cafes - Some restaurants and cafes offer water refills for customers.

Office Buildings - Many office buildings have water coolers or hydration stations for employees and visitors.

Hospitals and Health Clinics - These facilities often have water fountains or hydration stations for patients and visitors.

Community Centers - These local hubs often have water fountains or hydration stations for public use.

Beaches and Coastal Areas - Some beaches have public water fountains or hydration stations near restrooms or picnic areas.

Concert Venues and Stadiums - These venues often have water fountains or hydration stations for attendees.

Refill Apps and Online Resources

Water refill apps provide users with convenient access to information about nearby refill stations, helping them stay hydrated while minimizing plastic waste. Here are some platforms dedicated to assisting users in finding refill stations:


RefillMyBottle is a popular app and website that allows users to locate refill stations around the world. The platform relies on user-generated data, making it a community-driven resource. Users can submit and discover refill stations in various cities, including Los Angeles, making it a valuable tool for eco-conscious individuals on the go.

Tap App

Tap App is another smartphone application that connects users with nearby refill stations. It provides a map-based interface, allowing users to locate refill stations in their vicinity easily. The app also offers features such as user reviews, ratings, and water quality information, empowering users to make informed decisions about where to refill their water bottles.

These apps serve as valuable resources for locating refill stations in Los Angeles and beyond. They empower us to make sustainable choices by providing information about the availability and proximity of refill stations, ensuring convenient access to clean drinking water while minimizing plastic waste. 

Los Angeles is embracing a refill lifestyle, embracing more hydration stations, and offering PATH. Refill stations throughout the city's parks, beaches, and recreational areas, invite residents and visitors to quench their thirst while minimizing plastic waste. By choosing reusable water bottles and refilling them, individuals can make a positive impact on the environment, reducing the proliferation of single-use plastic bottles and conserving resources. We encourage readers to explore the suggested refill stations, leverage smartphone apps dedicated to locating refill stations, and actively contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste in Los Angeles. Together, let us embrace the abundance of refilling and make the planet, and Los Angeles cleaner. 

Need a PATH to refill? Use our store locator! 

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