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We’re in This Together: How To Help Food Banks and Shelters In The Bay Area During This Pandemic

Taking Care of our Community During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Since The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic on March 11th, more people have become unemployed or become food insecure. Now more than ever, public service organizations like food banks and shelters need help from the community to serve the community. This includes business and food donations, monetary donations, and volunteers.


The PATH team has been connecting with local food banks and shelters to replenish their bottled water supply. Our goal is donating 100,000 bottles around the Bay Area, we’ve been able to give 60,000 bottles so far.  If you’re with a shelter or food bank in the Bay Area, where we are based, and would like to request a refillable bottled water donation, please email community@drinkpath.com.


Several of the Bay Area food banks and organizations that we donated to have shared with us that they need all the support they can get from other businesses and individuals in the community. Below are some of the organizations that you can help:

Bay Area Rescue Mission

bay area rescue mission | pathwater

The Bay Area Rescue Mission is in need of underwear and bath towels for guests. While food and beverage donations are always welcome, these other items are rarely considered and often needed, especially now. 

If you’re able to help, you can visit their Amazon Wish List that contains needed items to buy/ship to the Mission. Go to: https://bit.ly/BARMShelterNeeds 

Ship to:

Bay Area Rescue Mission Attn: Shelter Needs

200 Macdonald Ave Richmond, CA 94801

Project Open Hand

 Project Open Hand | PATHWATER

Project Open Hand serves nearly 1 million meals a year to the critically ill and vulnerable communities in San Francisco and Alameda Counties. Right now, they have a Facebook Fundraiser to help raise money so that they can serve more meals to people currently in critical need. Their volunteer pool has completely dropped as the age groups of volunteers are older and are encouraged to stay home; also, corporate staff volunteers are not currently working either. Food is labor-intensive, and Project Open Hand has many opportunities for Bay Area businesses and residents to participate and support their neighbors in need.

Alameda County Community Food

Alameda County Community Food | PATHWATER

The best way to help residents and neighbors in Alameda County get the food they need is to donate. Every $1 helps provide $7 worth of food. Other ways to volunteer and participate can be found on the Alameda County Community Food Volunteer Page.

North Beach Citizens

North Beach Citizens | PATHWATER

In the North Beach Community, morning “to-go” meals, Wednesday Community Food Pantry, clothing donations, pet food donations, and hygiene item donations are managed by North Beach Citizens. To help keep these services going businesses and individuals can help by donating, or check out other ways to serve.



In the Tenderloin, GLIDE serves the local community as the radically inclusive, just and loving community mobilized to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization. GLIDE has had to adjust the services offered and currently needs volunteers in specific areas and is accepting food and financial donations right now.

Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano

Food Bank of Contra Costa | PATHWATER 

In response to COVID19, The Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano is currently putting together special food boxes for local people in need. You can sponsor a box, volunteer, or donate


Redwood Empire Food Bank

Redwood Empire Food Bank

You can donate and participate in helping Redwood Empire Food Bank deliver food. However, this food bank wants you to do one more thing - get involved politically to demand congress provide a relief package for people. You can go to the Moveon.org petition and sign to support financial help for all people during this massive time of need.

Loaves & Fishes Contra Costa

Loaves & Fishes Contra Costa

As food needs increase, Loaves & Fishes has ramped up meal delivery and needs donations of many kinds, including grocery bags, to deliver that food. If you’re in the Contra Costa area, you can contact the organization and donate bags to the program to make food delivery easier. You can also make a financial donation to help support their continued efforts.

San Francisco Marin Food Bank

San Francisco Marin Food Bank | PATHWATER

There are many ways to help the San Francisco and Marin Food Bank. Has your job become completely remote? You can donate your car to help feed your neighbors. For local businesses, farms, and individuals, there are many ways to participate and support at this time. If you live in this area and find yourself in need, you can locate food near you

St. Vincent De Paul

On a mission to serve 1,000 people each day work to overcome poverty, homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence. You can get involved by heading over to their participation page.


Meals on Wheels


Meals on Wheels San Francisco provides 4,700 home-bound seniors each year with nutritious meals, friendly visits, and supportive services. You can support seniors getting the nutrition they need by donating. If you’re a senior 60 years or older or have a senior in your life that needs meals delivered, you can go here to sign up and get started.


South Hayward Parish

South Hayward Parish | PATHWATER

Items needed for the South Hayward Parish include socks, diapers, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, rice, beans, peanut butter. If you live in Hayward and want to volunteer, you can sign up to distribute food, collect food, help maintain the database or help to update their website for those who know WordPress. Of course, you can always make a donation as well.

Drop off Tuesday through Friday 10-2PM at 27287 Patrick Avenue, Hayward, CA 94544 or other times by arrangement (510) 785-3663.


Saint Anthony’s

Saint Anthony's

Food for those in need have moved from the kitchen to the curbside to keep everyone safe. You can help Saint Anthony’s continue to serve food by making a donation

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley | PATHWATER

There’s no shortage of ways the tech industry, businesses, and residents living in the Silicon Valley can help support their local food bank. The Second Harvest of Silicon Valley is accepting food donations, volunteers, and financial contributions. 

Alameda Food Bank

To mitigate the spread of COVID19, individual food donations have been put on hold. Businesses with large donations can still contribute. If you’re looking to help you can make a financial donation or volunteer in one of these positions: 


Sign up for a Food Packing and Sorting shift here.

Sign up to be a Home Delivery Driver using your own vehicle here.

Sign up to be an Alameda Food Bank Van Driver here.

Sign up to be an Alameda Food Bank Forklift Operator here.

PATHWATERWhile mankind comes together to support each other through COVID19, we’re here to serve in any way we can. If you are a business or an individual that can help, please do. If you’re a business or individual that needs help, please use the resources above to get your needs met. We will get through this time when we come together and take care of our community. 


Remember to Refill! It’s safer to have a reusable bottle and control the cleanliness of your bottle than to drink from single-use water bottles. Let’s take care of our health and the planet as we go through this time together. 


















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