The PATH Sustainable Gift Guide

The PATH Sustainable Gift Guide

Welcome to our Sustainable Gift Guide, where thoughtfulness meets eco-consciousness. Every choice we make matters, gifting sustainably is more than a gesture—it’s a statement of care for both your loved ones and the planet. Our curated selection of gifts ranges from everyday essentials to unique experiences, each chosen for its positive environmental impact and commitment to sustainability.


Sustainable Beach Towels

Made from carbon-neutral cotton from brands like Coyuchi, certified organic accessories, and towels, is a fun gift that offsets carbon emissions with each purchase. These are comfortable, and stylish, and make for a great zero-waste gift​.

PATH Sustainable Gift Guide

Plastic-free Coffee Maker

A plastic-free coffee maker is an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts. Brands like Pure Over and Hario offer accessories like a built-in glass filter in their Brew Kit XL+ or a dishwasher-safe French Press. These products are made from earth-friendly materials and help reduce disposable coffee cup waste.​

Plastic Free Coffee Maker | PATH water Sustainable Gift Guide

Zero Waste Gift Basket

Zero Waste Store and EarthHero provide gift baskets filled with plastic-free products like toothbrushes, shampoo bars, and loofahs. These baskets are an excellent way to start someone on their low-waste journey​.

Zero Waste Gift Basket | PATH Sustainable Gift Guide

Tentree Hemp Line

A thoughtful gift for those passionate about sustainable fashion, Tentree's hemp line combines environmental responsibility with style. Hemp requires less water and no pesticides, making it a better choice in materials. The clothing, known for its durability, also offers a unique aesthetic due to hemp's natural color properties. This line is a partner of PATH and has a commitment to plant 10 million trees

Tentree Hemp Material Line | PATH water Sustainable Gift Guide

Forever Eye Masks

A perfect gift for beauty enthusiasts, the Forever Eye Masks from Dieux Skin offer a sustainable alternative to single-use products. These reusable eye masks can be used with any preferred eye serum, enhancing their effectiveness while minimizing waste. 

Forever Eye Masks from Dieux Skin | PATH water Sustainable Gift Guide

Fitness Experiences

Gifting fitness experiences is an investment in health and well-being and also aligns is a sustainable gift because it eliminates physical waste. It's a meaningful, lasting gift that contributes positively to someone's lifestyle. PATH is a partner with transformative fitness experiences at Barry's and Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory fitness x PATH Sustainable Gift Guide

Entertainment Experiences

Some of our best memories are experiences we share with others. Gifting concert tickets is sustainable because it’s all about being in the moment and has the potential to be zero waste. PATH is the official still water at the Sphere in Las Vegas and has partnered with Travis Scott’s Circus Tour. Gift tickets to a local event, concert, or show keep your gift low travel and sustainable. 

Entertainment Experiences | PATH Sustainable Gift Guide


PATH Refillable Pack

PATH is a sustainable gift that encourages refilling habits. By gifting a pack of PATH refillable aluminum water bottles and accessories, you're offering a practical and stylish hydration solution while helping others promote the concept of reusability and reducing waste. It's a gift that keeps giving, both to your loved ones and to the planet. Explore more about PATH's mission and products at PATH Water.

 PATH water Sustainable Gift Guide


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