The Next Generation of Enhanced Water is Sustainably Bottled Alkaline & Sparkling PATHWATER

The Next Generation of Enhanced Water is Sustainably Bottled Alkaline & Sparkling PATHWATER

Never sitting still, PATHWATER now invites lovers of Alkaline and Sparkling Water to Join the Refill Revolution

The global market for bottled water is projected to reach USD 307.6 billion by 2025. People, on average, are drinking more water, and now more than ever, people are intrigued by two growing offers: enhanced water that safely supports their healthy lifestyle choices, and sustainable packaging that's better for the planet.

Enter PATHWATER, now offering the best of both worlds. Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the ecological damage single-use plastic poses and are looking for alternatives to ease their negative impact on the planet. The popularity of bottled water and the undeniable harm of plastic waste on oceans has forced us to look at the footprint of many of these wasteful products we consume daily. 

Addressing how we drink water is one way people can begin to take control of single-use plastic waste. Of all the environmental issues we face today, plastic waste, in particular, is an issue people feel capable and empowered to solve. At the same time, there's a growing demand for sparkling water and alkaline water. The majority of us would rather have these water options come in a durable, sustainable bottle that is easy to carry with the potential to leave zero-waste. So how do people choose between refilling their still water bottle, and enjoying the enhanced water trends?

With an emerging adult population concerned with health and fitness, more people are putting down the fruit juices and sodas and replacing it with still water, sparkling water, and alkaline water. What type of water we drink is our prerogative, but one thing we shouldn't compromise is not having a choice but to drink out of wasteful plastic. Daily, we receive a large number of requests from PATHWATER drinkers messaging our team asking if we could please make their favorite water sparkling, with higher alkalinity, or flavored water in the same great reusable bottle they love and refill. Well, we listened, so here's to giving people sustainable, reusable options. 

Introducing the NEXT generation of alkaline water in a refillable bottle

the NEXT generation of alkaline water in a refillable bottle | PATHWATER

Interest in Alkaline Water is exploding. It’s one of the largest growing segments of the beverage industry. But what is alkaline water? Alkaline water is water with a high pH. pH stands for the power of hydrogen. Everyone knows that the molecule that represents water is H2O. 

The actual equation that gives us H2O is the combination of [H+] ions and [-OH] ions in a pair which neutralizes each other. The equation looks like this:


[H+] + [-OH] = H2O


Now, the pH of the final H2O depends on the concentration of H+ (acidic) vs. the concentration of -OH (alkaline). If the H2O has a higher concentration of -OH, it will have higher alkalinity. And in reverse, when there’s a higher H+ concentration, the water is more acidic. When the two are equal in concentration (1:1), the water is considered balanced or “neutral.”





pH of water | PATHWATER

Source: Environmental Learning Center                                               

PATHWATER's alkalinity is achieved through the addition of specialty electrolytes like potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and magnesium sulfate, and give us a final pH of 9.5+. 

We care about serving the fitness community with our next generation alkaline water that takes into account sustainability and health by avoiding the wrong plastic bottles. When hydrating for health, why would anyone want to drink alkaline water from hormone disrupting plastic bottles? Research is now uncovering the damaging effects of drinking out of PET #1 plastic, including "reproductive toxicity" in women and hormone disruption, to name a couple of issues. The body of evidence against drinking from plastic to avoid harmful toxins is growing. A report by the Center for International Environmental Law begins to uncover these dangers and compare the human health hazard by plastic type. This is why we're giving drinkers of Alkaline water a safer bottle to drink from for those aiming to minimize exposure to harmful toxins. When drinking out of a PATHWATER bottle, we use one of the safest plastic liners, Polypropylene (PP). By adopting a reusable water bottle, it helps decrease the 60 million plastic bottles that go to landfills and incinerators every year.

So, how do you keep refilling your alkaline bottle with alkaline water? 

We're incredibly proud of our newly released bottled alkaline water; it's so good, we love it! But let's keep it real here. We're in the business of getting a reusable bottle in more people's hands. One way to do this is to offer a reusable alkaline water bottle to people who love alkaline water. If we have our minds set on alkaline water, and want to leave the single-use plastic behind we can refill our bottle with some easy to source refillable alkaline water. After all, alkaline water isn't difficult to achieve on your own. 

So if alkaline water is your thing, here are some different ways you can make alkaline water at home or even on the go and refill your bottle as many times as you want, it's so simple:

Homemade alkaline water with lemon

Here's a simple alkaline water recipe by just combining ⅛ tablespoon of lemon juice and eight fluid ounces of clean drinking water, you now have an easy way to refill your alkaline bottle. "In the mornings, I like to grab a lemon, cut it in half and squeeze the lemon throughout the day in my bottle," Kayla social media manager at PATHWATER. 

Homemade alkaline water with baking soda

"Shake up ⅛ tablespoon of baking soda in 8 fluid ounces of purified water really well, and this is one of the alkaline water recipes I love before and after a killer workout," says our very own Caitlin at PATHWATER.

Go big with an alkaline water filter 

"Did you know that water filters, even water filter pitchers, naturally produce alkaline water? There are different options, from a filtered pitcher, filtration systems that can be put under your sink, I love reverse osmosis filtration, and there's also a home or office water ionizer or electrolyzer" Ali Orabi, CMO and Co-founder at PATHWATER.

If you're a huge alkaline lover, here are some ways to avoid buying those piles of waste.

The Santevia® Premium Alkaline Countertop Water Filtration System

refill PATHWATER with Santevia® Premium Alkaline Countertop Water Filtration System


With Santevia Premium Alkaline Countertop Water Filtration System, you can refill your bottle with alkaline water that’s filtered from your tap, saving hundreds of wasteful plastic bottles from entering our environment. Plastic bottles are said to take more than 450 years to decompose, but the truth is they never truly decompose and go away, plastic pieces only get smaller and smaller, never truly going away. Refilling is a viable solution to our plastic crisis. So having a filtration system for the alkaline water you prefer and bottling it at home to take to school, the office, the gym, on camping trips, etc. are the health-loving, earth-saving move to make.

The 12-Cup Alkaline Pitcher

Refill PATHWATER alkaline water with The 12-Cup Alkaline Pitcher

Another filter that helps you refill with alkaline water is this 12-Cup Alkaline Pitcher. Avoid buying cases of those single-use plastic alkaline bottles and make your life easier by refilling your PATHWATER bottles. 

Of course, with PATHWATER, even if you do forget your alkaline water or want to get a new one on the go, you are buying guilt-free because aluminum has one of the highest recycling rates in the world. 


PATHWATER The champagne of bottled water: a sparkling promise kept in a reusable bottle

The champagne of bottled water: a sparkling promise kept in a reusable bottle

PATHWATER is excited to deliver sparkling water lovers the same reusable freedom we offer for still water. The demand for sugary soft drinks continues to decline as more people become aware of the detrimental health effects from sugary drinks like obesity and diabetes. 

Consumption of bottled water has increased by over 150 percent, which means new water purchasing habits are happening at cities, stores, restaurants, bars, events, stadiums, concerts, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and corporate campuses as an upgraded reusable option. Sparkling water sales are estimated to be valued at $5.55 billion by 2020 and $6.04 billion by 2021. We must curb this plastic uptick of sparkling water bottled in wasteful single-use plastic by increasing reusable bottle options, like PATHWATER. 

More and more people are reaching for bubbly water, which is why we decided it was time to deliver sparkling water conveniently in a refillable bottle. The new sparkling water is delicately carbonated, offers effervescence for any occasion, and serves the major opportunity to promote sustainability and reusability. Once we have our last sip of PATHWATER sparkling water, there's no need to toss the bottle, unless you want to recycle it. If you’re all in, here's a list of some home carbonation systems you can use to make sure your sparkling water gets more bubbly; a solution you can bring home and/or to the office.

Aarke Stainless-Steel Sparkling Water Maker is the first complete stainless steel sparkling water maker. You know how much we love sustainable trendsetters. Here’s how to get your sparkling water while avoiding single-use plastic waste.

aarke best refillable carbonated water for your PATHWATER sparkling water bottle


For more options to choose the best carbonated water for your needs, check out these options.

Whether your favorite water style is still, electrolyte, alkaline, or sparkling, PATHWATER is bringing a more sustainable way to hydrate with enhanced options. Whatever PATHWATER bottle you choose this year, make sure to #Refillit! Cheers to your reusable PATHWATER bottle. 



Growing demand for enhanced water means more opportunity to solve our plastic crisis. “We’ve received so many requests to put sparkling and alkaline water in our refillable bottle, and we finally realized this is a way to increase our impact on the planet. Now there are many more ways to invite everyone, all companies, and all governments to start implementing reusable bottles of water and giving people the option to have enhanced water without compromising on sustainability,” said Ali Orabi, PATHWATER CMO. 


PATHWATER is your enhanced water refill friend on-the-go, it’s light-weight, durable, you can easily keep your bottle to refill on your travels, outdoor sports, school, and the gym. The PATHWATER bottle keeps up with your active and busy life to support you refilling with alkaline and sparkling water for cleaning up the planet.






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