Sustainable Brands that Use PATH Water

Sustainable Brands that Use PATH Water

PATH has the best partners! We’re highlighting some of those remarkable sustainable brands aligned with PATH, who empower the world to #refillit while demonstrating their own unique commitment to sustainability. Here’s a peek at some of those incredible brands.

The California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences emphasizes sustainability throughout its architecture and operations. Their facility has earned the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest ratings, making it the world’s first LEED Double Platinum museum and the largest such building globally. This recognition is for both their eco-friendly design and their sustainable day-to-day operations. The Academy uses innovative, responsible materials to maximize water and energy efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts. Their operations focus on energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprints, and preserving natural resources. Learn more about the California Academy of Sciences Green Building & Operations.

California Academy of Sciences

The National Geographic Society 

The National Geographic Society is dedicated to sustainability and responsible business practices, integrating these principles into all aspects of their operations. Their Corporate Responsibility Policy emphasizes the legal, ethical, and sustainable creation of all National Geographic-branded activities, products, and services, focusing on respecting employees, environments, and cultures. They prioritize transparency in their corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts, ensuring all business collaborators meet their high standards. The Society is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting energy efficiency, and advocating for sustainable business travel and resource use among business collaborators. This approach reflects their mission to protect the world through science, exploration, education, and storytelling. For more details, visit their Corporate Responsibility Policy page.

National Geographic Society x PATH


1Hotels is foundationally committed to sustainability, with all their hotels being LEED Certified or in the process of certification. They have contributed over half a million dollars to various charitable partners and offset a significant amount of CO2. Their focus extends to protecting the environment and supporting communities. They prioritize sourcing sustainable and local food ingredients, aim for harmony with the natural environment, and work towards reducing waste from landfills. Their facilities feature reclaimed materials and sustainable design elements, emphasizing their dedication to eco-friendly practices.

1Hotel Brooklyn PATH water


TenTree is committed to sustainability and has been carbon neutral since 2020. They focus on ethical manufacturing, working only with environmentally conscious suppliers that provide safe, respectful workplaces. TenTree is launching Full Circle Traceability by 2025 to track materials for a more circular system. They use sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester and are part of the Responsible Packaging Movement to reduce packaging waste. TenTree has planted over 85 million trees, demonstrating their impact on environmental conservation. 

TenTree x PATH water

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park prioritizes sustainability and environmental stewardship, leading in this field for over 145 years. Their mission includes managing operations sustainably to preserve resources for future generations. Yellowstone is committed to protecting the national park while combating climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and adapting facilities sustainably. The park works collaboratively through the Yellowstone Environmental Coordinating Committee (YECC) to ensure comprehensive sustainability approaches, covering aspects like energy, water, waste management, and transportation. 

Yellowstone National Park x PATH water

From the groundbreaking architecture of the California Academy of Sciences to the vast environmental stewardship of Yellowstone National Park, each of these PATH Water partners embodies a unique approach to sustainability. Their efforts span across various sectors, showcasing how commitment to the environment can manifest in diverse and impactful ways. We’re proud to partner with each one of our cobrands. Feeling inspired to become a PATH cobrand partner? Join the revolution and make a measurable impact on the planet.

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