PATHWATER Launches New Website with A Purpose-Driven Mission to Educate

PATHWATER Launches New Website with A Purpose-Driven Mission to Educate

We’re thrilled to deliver our new website to our community. A place where we can come together and build a new sustainable path for bottled water and our oceans, together. The purpose for our new website is to make sure that it aligns with our mission to educate and fuel a revolution.

Our Mission

“We are on a journey to bring the plastic crisis to the forefront, teach others to protect the environment, and provide options to reduce and reuse.”

Most people are well aware of the detrimental effects that plastics are having on our oceans, our polluted cities, and our health. The issue has reached a tipping point, and unless we tackle this issue as a society with simple, easy to adopt solutions, we will be in over our heads, quite literally, with plastic water bottles. Recycling plastics alone is not a solution, as 90% of plastics are actually never recycled and end up in our landfills and oceans. But enough about the problem, we’ve redesigned our website to talk about our solution! And how we can come together as a community to shift this tide together, once and for all.

The PATHWATER Bottle is our Solution to the Plastics Crisis

Our mission begins with our bottle as a unifying solution to the simple act of drinking bottled water. For our new website, we wanted to share the story of aluminum, the “magic metal” that never seems to get enough credit for all it's worth. We wanted to talk about why it became imperative for us to choose this metal over other materials because of the health, high-value, reliability, and energy saving capabilities aluminum has. This high-value material is evidenced by the fact that 75% of aluminum ever in production is STILL IN USE today, as it is the easiest material to recover and repurpose.

It was important to us to highlight the contrasting difference between recyclable beverage containers and to bring the plastics crisis to the forefront. We are sharing the reality that not all recyclables are created equal. In fact, we don’t have to look far to see the truth, all we need to do is look at the commodities market. What is the value of recovered plastics and where do they end up? What is downcycling? How can we call some items, like plastics, recyclable when they’re truly downcycled into landfills and oceans eventually? By looking at the commodity market, we get a real glimpse into what’s really recycled and what’s not, like plastic.

These are the topics we wanted to bring up for discussion with our new website because they’re so essential to the basis of why we started PATHWATER. They give our community insight into every decision that we’ve carefully made to ensure a positive impact on the planet and people before profits are ever considered.

PATHWATER’s Water is Ethically Sourced, Purified to Peak Perfection, with Zero Hype

Through our new website, we wanted to discuss the realities of where bottled water comes from. We believe it’s time we get real about what bottled water is and why it looks so confusing to a consumer. The reality is while there are countless options on the shelf being marketed to us as something superior or unique, the truth is that most bottled water is very much the same, only with different packaging. And it’s the packaging that makes the most significant impact on our health and our oceans.

One of these misunderstood concepts is alkaline water and the need for our bodies to be pH balanced, meaning not be too acidic or too alkaline. Both extremes in pH are harmful to our bodies. We’d rather be honest about water and give our community the truth, without any hype. And the truth is, we should all be committing to reusable bottles and drinking water that we can refill our bottles with, whatever that looks like for you. Whether that’s tap, filtered water, or some intricate reverse osmosis system, like the one we use for the water we fill PATHWATER bottles with.

The Path of a Purpose-Driven Movement

We’ve had many challenges on our path to bringing the plastics crisis to the forefront. It takes a lot of education, and we wanted our new website to reflect this educational path moving forward. Our purpose-driven momentum fuels our every decision. We don’t just choose solutions based on profitability, we’ve carefully researched every decision we make so that it aligns with the utmost integrity, the planet’s health, individual health, and cleaning up the trash from our communities.

Ultimately we want to ban single-use plastic water bottles, and the way we’re doing this is through a community-driven revolution. We believe in the power of the people and that we all can learn and teach each other while choosing a better path. We do this by empowering our youth and helping school districts across the country to ban the single-use plastic bottle!

Our website is a place where this revolution can begin. It’s so much more to us than just a place to sell a product. We have made sure that our website has the information needed to shift the tide of plastics in our oceans and continue the political action and education that will get us there.

We know the most significant impact we can have is with our youth, they have the greatest power to change the fate of a polluted plastics future. We’re investing in them to be the solution they already are. That’s why we’ve created a PATHWATER Student Ambassador Program where students can take political action and sign a petition to ban single-use plastic water bottles in their schools and school districts. We encourage students to apply to be a PATHWATER Student Ambassador and get a merch kit to promote sustainability and educate others in their school.

A Sustainable Solutions Store

Finally, our new shop offers a place to find sustainable solutions and represent the PATHWATER mission with branded PATHWATER gear. We also wanted to make it easier for wholesalers to make their impact by ordering online and helping more people break the single-use addiction by showing their support for sustainability.

We’re committed to being a sustainability influencer, a single-use bottled water industry disruptor, and a peaceful place for people to come together and make a positive impact on our oceans, our landfills, and our polluted cities.

Thanks for joining us on this mission and checking out our new website! We’re honored to walk the good path with you, always!

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