PATH x Nickelodeon Launch SpongeBob & PAW Patrol Bottles

PATH x Nickelodeon Launch SpongeBob & PAW Patrol Bottles

The Nickelodeon and PATH partnership brings the joy of refilling to both SpongeBob and PAW Patrol fans. PATH has created cobranded aluminum refillable bottles featuring our favorite Nick pals, SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, and the PAW Patrol pups.

The mission behind the partnership is to steer youth away from single-use plastic bottled water and inspire them to hang on tight to their refillable bottles featuring their favorite Nickelodeon characters. Being on the PATH means fans can help reduce single-use plastic bottled water waste.

Paw Patrol PATH bottle

PAW Patrol to the Refill Rescue

PATH comes in an aluminum refillable bottle that can be easily recycled, as our pals Skye and Chase would encourage. Aluminum is lightweight yet sturdy and boasts one of the highest recycling rates of all materials. PAW Patrol fans can grab their PATH bottle and be confident that, when recycled, it will be remade into a new aluminum beverage container in under three months.

We can all make a difference, as seen in PAW Patrol’s rescue missions. Teamwork, community service efforts, and caring for the environment are embodied in the actions of refilling and recycling. PAW Patrol has featured environmental and conservation themes, such as protecting endangered animals, picking up trash in the community, and planting trees. These episodes include messages about the importance of protecting the environment and reducing waste.

Nickelodeon’s partnership with PATH encourages more conversations around the message to reduce, reuse and recycle by featuring beloved PAW Patrol characters Skye and Chase on the bottle.

PAW Patrol Toy Recycling Program

The PAW Patrol crew doubles down on recycling messages through actionable partnerships. Not only has Nickelodeon partnered with the premiere reusable bottled water PATH to promote refilling, but did you know that anyone can recycle any PAW Patrol toys? Through a partnership with TerraCycle, Nick’s PAW Patrol squad has a recycling program for used toys to be returned and remanufactured into chairs, benches, and playground equipment. While it’s best to reuse your toys, share them, and get the most playtime you can from them, once they’ve reached the end of life, it might be time to recycle them. Rocky shares the details of how you can recycle your weathered PAW Patrol toys here

NICK x PATH bottles


SpongeBob SquarePants inspires upcycling

In SpongeBob SquarePants, we see how items are upcycled into buildings, furniture, and more. SpongeBob himself is an excellent example of how recycled materials can be used in creative ways. His furniture is made from life preservers, fish hooks, and other salvaged materials. We’re inspired by this reuse and upcycling to turn waste into something useful.

Now SpongeBob and Patrick fans can refill their PATH bottles and help reduce single-use bottled water waste. Refilling helps keep our environment and the ocean clean.

SpongeBob SquarePants PATH Bottles

Patrick Star PATH Bottle

Squidward PATH Bottle


Bikini Bottom was born from the inspiration of marine animals. Here are some ocean facts everyone should know.

  • The ocean is home to 94% of all life on Earth. - Ocean Literacy
  • Scientists estimate that 50-80% of the oxygen production on Earth comes from marine photosynthesis. - NOAA
  • The ocean covers about 71% of the Earth's surface and contains more than 97% of the water on the planet. - Ocean Literacy
  • 11 Million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. - United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • More than a trash truck's worth of garbage enters aquatic ecosystems every minute. - Ocean Conservancy
  • 2 Billion people live within 30 Miles of the ocean. - Ocean Conservancy


Change is possible with PATH

We all know that the more single-use plastic people use, the more pollution we'll have to deal with. Since we care so much about our planet, there's something we can all do alongside our Nickelodeon friends to help them help the planet - we can refill and recycle more.

To #refillit with SpongeBob and PAW Patrol, you can grab a PATH bottle here.

You can also drop a filtration system in your cart to keep refilling.

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