Museums That Promote Refilling with PATH

Museums That Promote Refilling with PATH

Educational institutions and entertainment venues, like our favorite museums, are seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprint. One effective way is adopting reusable packaging and minimizing single-use plastic. Here are some museums partnering with PATH to save the planet and promote the use of refillable aluminum bottles, highlighting their importance for sustainability and brand visibility. 

Why focus on replacing single-use plastic with refillable aluminum?

Packaging is the most common use of plastics, followed by its use in the construction industry, vehicles, electronics, and most household materials. When trying to cut down on single-use plastic packaging, especially bottled water, you know how prominent plastic bottled water is on the shelves - that sometimes it may be challenging to find your favorite water in aluminum or glass containers. It may be cheap for museums to supply plastic bottled water. Still, the long-term effects are incredibly expensive to our planet. You can find out more about how single-use plastic actually gets downcycled here.  

As plastic production rates increase, so do environmental concerns. Plastic is designed to be durable, resulting in its persistence in our environment for long periods. Plastic pollutants infiltrate urban centers, terrestrial areas, freshwater environments, sea surfaces, water columns, deep seafloors, Arctic beaches, sea ice, oceans, human bodies, and marine and terrestrial animals.

Over 12,000 to 24,000 tons of plastic are ingested by fish in the North Pacific annually, leading to intestinal damage and fatalities. When fish ingest plastics and microplastics, these pollutants move up the food chain, affecting larger fish, marine mammals, and humans who consume seafood. A recent study revealed that one-fourth of fish sold in California markets had plastic in their digestive systems.

Reuse is the best solution for the planet 

Every time we choose to reuse, we prevent single-use plastic waste from entering our environment. PATH is partnering with museums across the country to eliminate single-use plastic and promote refilling. PATH’s reusable aluminum bottled water plays a crucial role in addressing environmental issues caused by single-use plastic bottles. This initiative supports spaces such as museums in reducing ocean pollution and protecting marine biodiversity.

Supplying reusable bottles empowers people to make sustainable choices and supports broader efforts to reduce single-use consumption. PATH is collaborating with many museums to promote the use of reusable bottled water. Reusable aluminum bottles like PATH's provide a viable and impactful solution to the environmental challenges posed by single-use plastics, contributing to a viable solution for the millions who visit museums every day.

Museums influence sustainable habits  

Museums are educational assets for our communities; in fact, 89% of people believe that museums contribute important economic benefits to their communities. Museums play a key role in promoting sustainability by setting an example and educating the public. They provide engaging experiences in various subjects, and by visiting a museum, people can learn about environmental issues like the wasteful practice of single-use bottled water. 

Whether it’s an art, science, or pop culture, by featuring exhibits on topics of importance like climate change, conservation, and sustainable practices, museums can influence how people think and act within their environment. These institutions safeguard cultural heritage and have the power to inspire visitors to adopt sustainable habits, as well as support environmental efforts in their communities. Through interactive displays, workshops, and educational programs, museums help people make informed decisions and take practical steps to make positive contributions.

The partnership between PATH and museums

The partnership between PATH and museums exemplifies an innovative cobranding strategy that boosts brand visibility while seamlessly blending sustainability with cultural appreciation. PATH collaborates with museums and offers custom-branded reusable bottles that enhance visitor experience. These unique bottles, featuring museum-specific designs, are available in gift shops and cafes, providing patrons with a functional and memorable keepsake. This initiative helps reinforce the museums' commitment to environmental stewardship and increases the impact of PATH's mission to reduce single-use plastic waste. Here are some examples of museums that are helping guests make the switch to #refillit. 

The California Academy of Sciences Reusable Bottle 

The California Academy of Sciences is a destination for those interested in learning about the world around them through the lens of science. Its mission is to regenerate the natural world through science, learning, and collaboration. Life-changing moments happen here, and PATH’s cobrand brings the lesson of refilling to life with a unique cobranded bottle. 

Museum of Ice Cream Reusable Bottle

The Museum of Ice Cream is an art installation and museum that operates in several cities across the United States. The fun exhibits invite museum-goers to refill a playfully designed cobranded bottle. 

​​SpaceX Reusable Bottle

SpaceX is an American aerospace company founded by Elon Musk in 2002. It has been instrumental in ushering in the era of commercial spaceflight with one emphasis on the reuse of shuttles. The cobrand with PATH echoes this priority of reuse with every refill. 

Alcatraz Reusable Cruises

Educating through the history of Alcatraz Island, Alcatraz Cruises is committed to respecting our crew, our guests, and the natural environment and helping keep the bay clean by offering guests a refillable bottle to take home and remember their experience. 

Space Needle Reusable Bottle

The Space Needle’s mission is to transform moments into experiences of a lifetime. With the PATH cobrand bottle, refilling becomes an experience that gusts can incorporate into their lives and hydration lifestyles.

Blackberry Farm Reusable Bottle

Visiting Blackberry Farm is an experience in the natural world. Located in Walland, Tennessee, there are many tours and hikes through the farm and local mountains. Keeping the lands clean and free of plastic debris is a priority that the conrad bottle with PAATH supports here. Guests can have a luxury natural experience and sleek refillable bottle to carry along leaving a clean PATH. 


Want your favorite museum to immortalize its brand on a refillable PATH bottle? Send them this link. If you run any type of educational facility, consider upping your sustainability initiatives and ESG metrics by partnering with PATH to save the planet and having our skilled in-house design team create your bottle. 

Partner to save the planet with PATH. 

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