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How to Embrace Your Sustainability Vibes at The Revolve Festival in Coachella

Just 🙏 don’t be that person with a single-use plastic bottle.

It’s time to pack up and head to Indio! As we prep for our favorite desert music festival April 12-21 to see Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, and Bassnectar - it’s time we spend our two-weekend trip adding sustainability to our fashionable culture destination, lest we are the loser with the plastic water bottle, yikes. 

It’s not enough to hashtag sustainability while sucking out of a plastic straw anymore - we see you boo. So when you’re headed to your fav event of the year break these dumpy habits and choose sustainable options.

1. DITCH lame sunblocks that murder the ocean - instead, use these!

Okay, so you’re in the desert, and sure there’s no beach in sight, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lather on an eco-friendly skin protector. Agreed? Do your part and choose an eco-friendly solution for skin protection that protects wildlife and, hello, your skin.

 DITCH lame sunblocks that murder the ocean - instead, use these! | PATHWATER

Here are some easy to find Coachella/ REVOLVE Festival alternatives to those cheap subpar sunblocks:


Sun Bum Reef Friendly Oxybenzone Free Sunscreen (SPF 50)

Thinksport Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Sunscreen (SPF 50+)

Blue Lizard Sunscreen, Sensitive (SPF 30+)

Raw Elements Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Reef Safe Biodegradable (SPF 30+)

Kokua Sun Care Natural Zinc Sunscreen (SPF 50)


2. BREAK UP with plastic bottles already. You deserve better. Also - seriously, stop killing the planet and use these instead.

BREAK UP with plastic bottles already. | PATHWATER 

Busted up turtles, dead whales, weight gain! What more do you need to break up with plastic water bottles already? Are you going to wait until excruciating social rejection embarrasses you? Hmm, don’t wait - just bring your reusable bottle and if you forget one - DO NOT BUY PLASTIC!!! I’ll repeat it one more time - don’t freaking buy plastic water bottles. Go for an alternative if you’re caught with your romper down. Instead, buy aluminum or paper. But FIRST, go for a REUSABLE bottle - like PATHWATER (found at local 7-11s for the same price as polluting plastic bottles).

Go for a REUSABLE bottle - like PATHWATER

Use this >> store locator << while in the Palm Desert, Coachella, Indio area to locate your reusable PATHWATER bottle filled with refreshing reverse osmosis water.

PATHWATER Store locator

PATHWATER water sponsors of the Revolve FestivalImage source: REVOLVE Festival Shop


And if you’re headed to the Revolve Festival - we’ll gift you your very own, party-of-the-year accessory - a PATHWATER bottle. Which looks like this...

Hailey Bieber spotted drinking PATHWATER

#REVOLVEfestival and #PATHWATER go #RefillNotLandfill

3. IXNAY Balloons -  ‘cause, what are you 10, or a registered wildlife serial killer? Of course not...

Balloons serial wildlife killer | PATHWATER 

If you didn’t get the Eco Music Festival memo - balloons murder wildlife. They kill birds who think they’re food; they kill aquatic life that thinks they’re food. Most people don’t know this. It’s okay, that’s what we’re here for. And we get it, sure, balloons might be a mildly pretty excuse for decorating but, even more so, they’re pretty darn terrible for our environment. So, get creative in better ways and leave the half baked balloon Pinterest decor for well, Pinterest. Let’s save the planet together by putting an end to this old go-to decoration. Not convinced? Watch a balloon get yanked from this poor turtles digestive track.


4. Sorry babe, no more glitter… at least not the cheap plastic kind.

no more cheap plastic glitter | PATHWATER

Much of the basic glitter you’ll find in stores is made from PET plastics and other microplastics. A recent study just broke our plastic glitter bubble - small species of animals in the oceans are dying off from the abundance of microplastics including those from glitter that rinse off our skin and eventually ends up in the ocean. What’s a fabulous gal to do? Well, we’ve got alternatives in the form of synthetic fluorphlogopite (aka synthetic mica). Here are the brands you can source for your eco-glitter fix:

Lush USA


5. Get involved with the Eco-fun Coachella & the REVOLVE Festival have to offer


There’s a lot of sustainable hype out there - the technical term is “greenwashing” and while it takes a skilled eye to spot when you’re being had, take part in the things you know make a difference like Water Refill Stations, generating your own energy to power up your phone, and getting familiar with the appropriate and artistically painted recycling bins. GO FOR IT! Coachella’s eco-stations aren’t there just to be cute; but to be questioned, used, and to start a movement. Don’t like the movement you see? Don’t think it goes far enough to solve the problem? Be a part of starting a new one! We dare you and we’ll join you! ;)


Happy festivaling! #refillnotlandfill
Happy festivaling! #refillnotlandfill | PATHWATER





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