What's the Best Bottled Water for Airbnb Hosts and Guests?

What's the Best Bottled Water for Airbnb Hosts and Guests?

We stumbled on this thread from Airbnb, 'What to do with plastic bottles & single-use plastics?' where hosts discuss their desire to deliver water to their guests but are frustrated with single-use plastic bottled water waste. With sustainability at the forefront of the travel industry's evolution, we wanted to address this topic for Airbnb and vacation rental hosts. 

Skift Research reveals that a staggering 70% of millennials and Gen Z travelers pursue unique travel experiences distinct from those of their peers. This new wave of travelers is not just seeking novelty but is also profoundly eco-conscious, aiming to minimize their environmental impact and alleviate pressures on local communities during their journeys.

Single-use plastics, particularly plastic bottles, have become a ubiquitous companion for travelers worldwide. However, their environmental repercussions are alarming. When discarded improperly, these plastics find their way into natural landscapes, oceans, and waterways, posing a significant threat to marine life and ecosystems. They become the opposite of what we want to contribute to when we're on vacation: a beautiful landscape with ugly pollution. 

Hospitality shifts toward sustainability

Progressively, as millennials are now the largest generation alive, there's a shift towards reusable bottled water. The best of both worlds is the convenience of bottled water that comes in a reusable container, offering the ultimate guest experience when it comes to hospitality. 

Hotels like Nobu and 1 Hotels are delivering the utmost in sustainability to guests and have Partnered to Save the Planet with PATH to deliver cobranded refillable bottled water to elevate their guests' experience. 

The University of California (UC) System is invested in bringing education to hosts and travelers to improve sustainability decision-making. To promote greener travel choices, the university's travel management team leans heavily on education, equipping travelers and managers with data showcasing their decisions' environmental consequences. This data-driven approach, spearheaded by Debra Almason, director of travel management services, involves analyzing the travel patterns of the university's 50,000 business travelers.

Providing Reusable Bottled Water for Airbnb Guests

Studies show that 71% of travelers want to make more effort in the next year to travel more sustainably, according to Guesty. There are so many benefits that come with providing a reusable bottle. 

Some considerations for supplying fresh water

Giving guests access to clean, plastic-free water is part of the experience hosts are expected to deliver. So, you want to make sure that quality assurance is on the checklist. That means having filtered water from your fridge, countertop filtration, or even a carbon pitcher is helpful so guests don't have to play guesswork on your tap's water quality. 

PATH bottles lend themselves nicely to being carried around and brought back for refilling. Especially for guests who are adventuring around, they can return at the end of the day with the bottle you gave them, refill it, and place it in the fridge for tomorrow. 

Economic advantages for hosts & guests

Supplying enough single-use plastic bottled water for guests during their stay is expensive for both the host and the guests, depending on who is sourcing the water. You also have to deal with the mounds of waste that follow after hydrating with single-use. The beauty of giving guests a refillable bottle is that it starts off sealed, containing filtered water, 

If, for example, a guest stays for one week and, on average, drinks four bottles of water a day - that's about 28 single-use bottles, one case, and the cost is about $20. Whether you purchase the case or the guest buys it, it's still single-use plastic unnecessarily wasted and money unnecessarily spent. A reliable filtration system is more convenient for everyone, especially if connected to a water line. 

Sustainable hospitality, the new benchmark for Airbnb hosts

In the world of Airbnb hosting, small gestures can leave lasting impressions. One such gesture is the shift to offer sustainable choices - it's more than just being eco-friendly. It's a testament to a host's commitment to hospitality and caring about your guests. Hosts showcase their environmental consciousness by offering reusable bottles and underscore their dedication to enhancing the guest experience. Such thoughtful touches resonate deeply with guests, leaving a favorable impression that goes beyond the duration of their stay. Being a sustainably-minded host goes beyond a trend—it's the gold standard in showing guests you genuinely care.

Creating memorable experiences for guests

Great hospitality means tending to the finer details that etch the most profound memories. Offering unique and thoughtful amenities, such as refillable PATH bottles that guests can take home with them, goes beyond mere convenience—it's an embodiment of a host's dedication to crafting an unparalleled guest experience. While seemingly simple, such gestures can deeply resonate with guests, making their stay memorable. PATH bottles are functional and serve as tangible mementos of an adventure. Every sip from the bottle, even after the trip, reminds them of the thoughtful hospitality they received, ensuring that their 5-star Airbnb experience lingers long after returning home.







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