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Barry’s x PATH: Not Your Average Partnership

Not Your Average Workout, Not Your Average Bottle, Not Your Average Partnership.

PATH and Barry's launch Thirst Trap Thursdays for a limited time, and we promise it's not your average partnership. We'll feature our co-branded water bottle for Barry's Fitness Series with complimentary "Thirst Trap and Thirsty Thursday" theme classes held in select Barry’s studios. This partnership elevates Barry's sustainability initiatives and provides a co-branded actionable moment that inspires refilling, minimizes single-use plastic bottled water usage, and encourages recycling while getting the best workout ever.

Barry’s x PATH is Not Your Average Partnership

Not Your Average Thirst Trap Challenge

Next, participate by posting your “Thirst Trap” on Instagram: to win a pack of Barry’s co-branded PATH bottled water! Barry’s x PATH will be running a challenge for clients, encouraging them to post their thirst trap, preferably with their PATH bottle in view. Each picture that participants post will be entered into a pool to win a pack of Barry’s PATH bottles + swag. 

The partnership aims to be a fun way to promote stewardship when it comes to bottled water and encourages the elimination of single-use plastic bottles by replacing them with refillable PATH bottles that are aluminum and reusable. The Academy at Barry’s will reward loyalty members when they bring their PATH bottles back to the studio for recycling during the campaign. Rewards will come in the form of Academy points or dollars to spend at the Fuel Bar. 

Barrys x PATH partner to save the planet

Barry’s is Not Your Average Workout

Jump into the Red Room and alternate between strength and HIIT, focusing on running, cycling, arms, or abs. In any class you choose, you’ll keep an active balance of endurance and strength, leveraging mood-pumping vibes from the community, lighting, and music. The combination of HIIT with weight training intensifies results, burning upwards of 700-1,000 calories in just one class.

About Barry’s

Barry's is the original high-energy cardio and strength interval training workout. Having launched in 1998 in Los Angeles it went on to spur a global boutique fitness movement. Since then, it has grown from “The Best Workout in the World,” to become not just a fitness leader, but a community and lifestyle with innovative in-studio and digital class modalities, Fuel Bars, retail offerings, and a competitive loyalty program. With more than 85 studios spanning 14 countries, plus Barry’s X – the brand’s inaugural digital fitness experience and “Best At-Home Cardio Class" winner in the 2022 Women’s Health Fitness Awards – Barry’s now brings its global Fit Fam community to its signature Red Room both virtually and physically. Following the success of the original workout, Barry’s expanded its class offerings to include: LIFT (a 50-minute class focusing on strength training with monthly benchmarks for attainable goal setting); RIDE (a 50-minute class offering high-intensity interval training style indoor cycling paired with traditional Barry’s floor work); and Barry’s X, the first-of-its-kind digital fitness community, that features both Live and On-Demand classes, each with Express and Full-Length versions. Now a worldwide phenomenon with a cult-like following, Barry’s makes working hard and getting strong, fun. For more information, visit:

PATH is Not Your Average Water Bottle

Take your Barry’s branded black and red bottle to the dimmed Red Room for a unique bottled water experience as you work out. The difference? PATH was meant to be refilled and recycled. Unlike single-use plastic bottled water, PATH is lightweight and sturdy, perfect for rehydrating during intense workouts. Like any aluminum can, you can also put your PATH bottle in the recycling bin. Doing good for your mind, body, and the planet.

Barry’s x PATH: Not Your Average Partnership

The Rehydration and Refueling Study

The work (out) hard, play hard community at Barry’s promotes getting you to your top game. A new study in Sports Medicine found that dehydration can tank your energy levels and that hydration is required to land your top performance. Keeping hydrated during intense workouts can help maintain your strength by 2% and keep your power up by 3%. Staying hydrated helps avoid a 10% drop in high-intensity endurance that happens when dehydrated. The Barry’s x PATH partnership supports all our thirst traps in hydrating to help you reach peak performance in class.

When we work out hard, we lose body fluid through our sweat; it evaporates, and when it does, heat is removed from the body. Replacing those fluids is key to maintaining our energy and power levels for reaching our optimal performance levels and finishing strong. Staying hydrated before, during, and after your workouts is a good rule of thumb.

We’re thrilled about the Barry’s x PATH Not Your Average partnership, where an extraordinary workout meets game-changing bottled water.

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