Pathwater Drop T-Shirt


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Keep your PATHWATER bottle forever.

Step 1

Wash with soapy water and a soft sponge.

Step 2

Shake with cap on.

Step 3

Rinse bottle and cap.

Our mission

We are on a journey to bring the plastic crisis to the forefront, teach others to protect the environment, and provide options to reduce and reuse.

Reusable Bottles

We are unique in that our bottle is actually made to be reused over and over, reducing over 80% of bottle waste going to oceans and landfills.

Pure Water

We avoid all the hype and focus on what matters - simply ultra-purified, high quality water.

Impact Driven

We donate 5% of profits to non-profit organizations that are on a mission to end plstic waste and encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The Purest Water Filtration

The purity gained from Reverse Osmosis means water free from additives, chlorine, pollution, fluoride, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, BPA, BPS, and 99.99% of dissolved solids.

Refilling Your PATHWATER Bottle

You can refill at any refillable water station, at home with your own tap, or from a purified water pitcher.

Locally Sourced

As PATHWATER continues to grow in popularity across the country we plan to grow with it and maintain a sustainable model by sourcing all water locally to minimize the impact of CO2 emissions from transporting water.

Our mission is to say adios to single use plastic bottles.

The time has come to work together to set the industry on the right path.