Take it to
the bank!


Take it to the bank!


Take it to the bank! # TheMoneyBottle

Pathwater and Monopoly have teamed up to create a sleek limited edition refillable and recyclable bottle to help forge the path to end single-use plastic water bottles.

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BPA - Free | Refillable | Recyclable | Made in The USA

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Why Aluminum Makes Sense

Why Aluminum Makes Sense


Plastic bottles go to the landfill
each year in the United States


Years required for a plastic
bottle to dissolve


Average amount of plastic
bottles a person uses in a year


Percent of plastic bottles
never get recycled

The Pathwater Difference

The Pathwater Difference

Each Pathwater bottle is refillable and built to last. When the time comes, and you need to toss your bottle in the recycler, you don't have to feel any guilt over it.


75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Aluminum recyclables are melted down and then made into new products, including new Pathwater bottles, infinitely.