Made in USA

Made to Refill

Unlike most other aluminum bottles, your Path bottle is designed to be refilled and reused infinitely. Brimming with unique features above and beyond industry standards, Path feels good in hand and even better on the conscience.


Made to Refill

Single-use sucks. Which is why we created a solution. Drink it, refill it, repeat. We like to say, it’s infinitely refillable, and offers a path for any one of us to act. #refillit


Help Save The Planet

Aluminum offers 100% endless recyclability, a closed-loop system which means a bottle makes another bottle within 60 days of it being recycled.

Made in USA

Path is proud to be manufactured 100% in the US today, sourcing and producing from resources from our own backyard. Yet, as the mission extends into other regions of the world Path is poised to operate as a local throughout its regions to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Our partners

Partnering with some of the largest brands, companies, hotels, universities and national parks, Path is focused on joining with organizations who are committed to rallying their community to be a force for good.


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